Friday, July 10, 2015

On the matter of ...

USA World Cup heroes ... Today in the city starting at 11am ... NYC Parade of Champions ... Enjoy ... Video

The return of Manhattanhengde ... From a ticket-tape parade to Manhattanhenge complete with great weather - it's a perfect time to be in NYC.

The confederate flag ... time for change ... taking it down.

Greek debt crisis ... there's always a solution Friday: Greece debt crisis: Eurogroup says new plan 'thorough'

Ariana Grande ... Licking donuts and her anti-American remark on the 4th of July ... stupid kid stuff with a sexual overtone that will follow her.

Hacking ... Hackers stole data of millions of US government workers and their family as this ripples into the lives of endless people. It's gets easier every day. Their brains are programmed for tech stuff.

Technical glitches and down time ... Trial run for something bigger to come? This has a government feel - no accident.
Tech fail! Explaining today's 3 big computer errors   CNN - July 8, 2015
Failures took down United Airlines, the Wall Street Journal's website and even halted the New York Stock Exchange.

Donald Trump ... he put his foot in his mouth and alienated a country, many of whom hated him to begin with. Do we really need one more year of this before the primaries? Campaigning should be limited to 3 months and that's it. Our political system is so laced with conspiracies and dramas ... it should end or evolve now.

Pope Francis ... he's doing a great job ... but like politicians he can tell us what's wrong but has no way to fix it, though he has as much influence as the politicians. Remember when the church condemned homosexuality ... today, it is part of the new norm. Now, if the church could come forward with the truth ... how different everyone's perspective would be.

Wildfires in the US ... drought is causing record numbers especially in Washington State and Oregon perhaps into Idaho and California. This country is being destroyed in so many ways. The Pope focuses on environment ... you can't change destiny.

Cuba and the US ... Let's hope this isn't one of those cruises where everyone gets sick - Cubans have seen enough rough waters with Cubans trying to get to the US in the past ... US cruise company Carnival Corp announces go-ahead to sail to Cuba

Iran talks ... more talk ...

Bill Cosby ... you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. It was so obvious he was guilty.

Jared Fogle ...pitchman for Subway ... his venture into child porn came as a surprise, but sexual misconduct will eventually come out as it creates more damage than people know, unless they have been there. The numbers of victims around the world is staggering.

Paula Deen ... still remains a racist no matter how she tries to fix it. I don't think she gets that she is .. y'all.

The average American ... working on themselves as best they can. Money remains a major issue for millions across the country taking a back seat to romance.

Metaphysics and healing ... the wounded are still trying, just as people are following the Pope in hopes of a miracle. Good luck with that. The healers are moving into other creative projects.

Jobs and related ... many delays due to people away on vacations. Best job months ... April-June and Sept-Nov.

Intelligent extraterrestrial life ... We find it, if and when they show themselves to this world.
When will we know we have found extraterrestrial life?   PhysOrg - July 10, 2015
As we become more advanced in astronomy, continuously searching and finding lots of potentially habitable extrasolar planets that could harbor alien life, it seems that it's not a matter of if but when we will find extraterrestrial organisms

Mt. Popocatepetl and Mt. Colima have cams that capture UFOs in and above these volcanoes.
  Mysterious light captured flying across volcano   Yahoo - July 10, 2015
A webcam trained on Mexico's Volcan de Colima normally picks up eruptions, smoke plumes and other normal occurrences at one of the country's most active volcanoes. But on the evening of July 4, viewers caught sight of something more unusual when a mysterious bright light streaked across the sky.