Friday, July 3, 2015

Sci-Fi Truth

Jupiter Ascending is a sci-fi movie, written, produced, and directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski. They did the Matrix Trilogy. This movie has more insights into the breadth of extra terrestrial life out there, and posits "harvesting" of a planet. Stillness in the Storm wrote a great blog on this movie. It's worth the read.

To take from that blog, it said that "one of the main reasons why the Dark Forces and their minions tell us what they are doing to the human race or are planning to do to the human race is because they do not want to violate the Law of Free Will. If they violate the Law of Free Will beyond a certain point, the Universe will send its cosmic forces to teach them lessons, which could destroy their empire."

Remember the X-Files? An offshoot was a program called the Lone Gunmen. They were the geeks in X-Files. As Stillness in the Storm shows, the pilot episode depicts a staged hijacking of a passenger aircraft by a hostile faction in the U.S Government, who take control of the plane by remote control and attempt to fly it into one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The episode aired March 4, 2001, six months prior to 9/11. Eerie, eh? As Mulder would say, the truth is out there. Take a look..

And then there's another personal favorite, Mr. Robot. See below. The pilot episode discusses the exhaustive control placed upon people thru debt slavery, and the cabal (the top 1% of the top 1%). We all need to wake up, and once you do, there's no going back. You will see this everywhere.

July 2, 2015

World UFO Day Website

World UFO Day   Wikipedia

Have you ever seen a UFO?
Don't you think it's time old agreements ended and the truth
became known? Now that would be true Independence Day.

I had one encounter of the third kind at age 11 and was told how my life would unfold ... It has.

From ancient aliens to today's garden variety grays -
aliens have always been part of the human biogenetic equation/experiment.

The Anunnaki or Sumerian Gods

Ellie in Rhode Island August 2014

I call him Dilmun and know he's my alien counterpart.

Note the man-hands. My nails are always neatly manicured - do them myself.

[This image was not photoshopped.]

Aliens and Other Encounters

I'm enjoying the Syfy series Dark Matter - Really bad ass - no aliens yet just a cool UFO and actor Anthony Lemke whose character seems to be mimicking Jack O'Neil from Stargate SG1. I miss Jack and the crew. David Hewlett and Torri Higginson from Stargate will be in some of the episodes.

Extant Season 2 ... The opening shower scene with Halle Berry and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was interesting especially when she told the images to stop as they were part of a simulation, mirroring our reality. The robot kid still creeps me out, not to mention her alien hybrid son.

Noah Wylie is still battling the ugliest aliens I've ever seen in Falling Skies on TNT as the series finishes its run this summer. Will humans take back Earth? Do we care?

You can grasp alien series as fiction, so hopefully you understand that the hologram and our little matrix ensemble of characters here are also fiction. Yes ... you are fiction. It's all about emotions ... speaking of which we come to the cyberpunk series ...

Mr. Robot about a man who can't express his emotion ... or chooses not to. Did you watch Mr. Robot episode 2 Wednesday night on USA ... back at us in Coney Island - the biggest illusion - the place where I grew up before my UFO experience in Nevada. Are you a one or a zero (binary code joke)? Is Mr. Robot real or a figment of Elliot's imagination? Great show. Great acting. Great reviews. Ellie ... Elliot ... What's in a name ...

Rami Malek, the co-star of Mr. Robot, is of Egyptian descent.
The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses were aliens.