Thursday, July 23, 2015

Terminal Lucidity

Below, is an important article as it explains what happens when consciousness leaves the physical body/grid. Remember, it's all science and math. The frequency in third dimension is programmed to keep you trapped in an emotional grid until the end while playing out your programming. Once free ... all comes clear. When all Fades to Black at the end of the program/hologram, you will instantly have total clarity about reality.

Here is a quick example of terminal lucidity, though you probably have stories of your own. George and I have a mutual friend, John, who is in the hospital at this time about to cross over. We have been watching the progression of his consciousness out of his physical body over the past week. It is clear, and he is happy on the other side, free of its human experience. John had a moment of "terminal lucidity," then lapsed into an induced coma where he remains.

People With Severe Mental Disorders Mysteriously Become Clear-Headed Just Before Death   Epoch Times - July 23, 2015

Patients who aren't even able to remember their own names for years may suddenly recognize their family members and have normal conversations. The varying physiological states of people who experience terminal lucidity suggest that a single mechanism isn't responsible.