Sunday, December 25, 2016

7.7 Chile earthquake
with tsunami warning

  Powerful Earthquakes - November-December 2016

7.7 Chile earthquake triggers tsunami warning   BBC - December 25, 2016
An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.7 off the coast of Chile has prompted a tsunami warning. The quake struck 225km (140 miles) south-west of Puerto Montt in southern Chile at 14:22 GMT, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) said. Its depth was about 15km (10 miles). There are no details yet of damage. Chile's national emergency office has issued an alert and ordered the evacuation of coastal areas of Los Lagos region.

2016 News in Review

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You are standing at the precipice of reality about to jump into Grid 2017. Don't look down any more ... look up. 2017 is about transition and illusion. There are two crystal balls to that end -- the Waterford Crystal Times Square New Year's Eve Ball that signals the start of a new year in linear time ... and one that gives you a glimpse into next year beyond linear time. 2016 was a year of Social, Political and Geological Earthquakes. Trump won against all odds as things were orchestrated in his favor by the hologram. He's a game changer, a disruptor of the establishment who shatters the norms exposing them as fiction based on a "gentleman's agreement" between politicians back in the day, now changing the bipartisan system ... and we haven't seen anything yet. Trump has many agendas of which he is unaware. January 20, 2017 ... here we come.

It's always been about the geometric grids that create the hologram in which we experience.

December 26, 2016

Boxing Day

December 26, 2016