Saturday, December 3, 2016

Family Adventures

My daughter Zsia, (front row left), and her friends from New Jersey, drove to Atlantic City Friday afternoon, returning today (Saturday). Before they left I said, "Play 17 Black" so they did. Later, Zsia emailed, "We all played 17 and won $136 each on the roll so everyone was screaming Ellie! Then I heard you say, "That's it cash out." So of course I played a little more and lost. Overall won 125!" When will children learn to listen to their moms and respect their psychic elders?

My grandson Matthew, 13, (far right) in 8th grade, got a Coleytowner Award for the third and final year of Middle School.

Matt is another 4.0 student in the family already doing community service to build his resume for college. He is also an athlete.