Monday, December 5, 2016


This morning I spent hours updating Orion. It all started with the image of the stars in Orion featured on APOD today and posted above. There really is something about the Orion-Earth Matrix that has greater meaning.

I'll never forget the scene in the film "Stargate" when Daniel Jackson (James Spader ) realizes that Orion is the key to opening the Stargate.

The musical score still lingers in my mind.

When the hologram ends, I always see me inside what appears to be a submarine. I'm looking up, turning the arm on the hatch door that opens to the outside ... then we're free. As I updated "Orion's Arm" I realize it's the same symbol. I also realized the three points of light Tom showed me are the Belt of Orion. We are going home Tom! Wait for us!

Messages from Beyond

Stories from my friend Leslie

Sunday, my friend Leslie told me two interesting stories having to do with her family and spirits. She does not believe in channelers and likes physical proof ... so here we go ...

Two years ago Leslie discussed getting a chocolate lab with her husband who didn't think it was a good idea as they already had a black lab. The next morning on the anniversary of her mother's passing - Leslie awoke to the sound of a dog barking at her front door. She opened the door and there are sat a chocolate lab with no collar. The dog turned out to be neither lost, stolen, nor sick ... so she kept it.

Six years ago her father-in-law died. On the anniversary of his death, the TV suddenly came on to the ESPN channel. Surprised, she shut the TV and walked into another room. A few minutes later the TV came on again to the same channel. As her father-in-law's initials were ES she took it as a sign from him that he is OK. I also pointed out that ESP also means extrasensory perception.

The Passing of my Friend Tom