Wednesday, December 14, 2016

In the energies of the
Full Super Moon 22° Gemini

And on the anniversary of the birth of Nostradamus ...

Earthquakes shake Sonoma County, Mammoth Lakes, Central Coast   LA Times - December 14, 2016

Several earthquakes hit various parts of California in the last 12 hours, including a swarm of minor temblors in the Mammoth Lakes area and a 5.0 magnitude quake in Sonoma County. Mammoth Lakes, which has a history of seismic activity, recorded a 3.9 magnitude temblor Tuesday night that was followed by scores of aftershocks. The quake was felt in the area but no damage was reported. A 3.9 quake was recorded in the town of Templeton on the Central Coast around 4 a.m. It was followed by a 3.0 aftershock. Then, a 5.0 magnitude quake was recorded in Cloverdale in Sonoma County. No damage was immediately reported from that quake, but it was felt across the north San Francisco Bay and as far south as the San Francisco peninsula, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. A 3.0 aftershock followed.

My Favorite Prophecy ... Eskimo Woman Prophecies

I saw the orca, my brother the killer whale, when he came to me in a dream.

Comes the orca whale in winter with the news of our Saviour's coming.

Cold the blue Pacific water, when the mammoth mountain blooms.

The orca says when the Pacific waters are at their coldest, when the winter sun shines like water, a mountain that men call The Mammoth will explode and hurl smoke and flame miles into the sky. The mountains will bloom with fire, by and by, but very soon, before the winter snows melt and the orcas go back to the open sea. Read more