Thursday, June 2, 2016

Driving Uber

Who's driving Uber these days? More people than you know. They include: people who have finished their unemployment and have no other source of income, people who can't work at indoors jobs, people who want to earn extra money, men and women in all age groups including seniors, people from all walks of life, and more. We've all heard stories about Uber - good and bad - but it is definitely more of a positive than a negative. Clients and friends who drive Uber have the most interesting stories to share about people they meet along the way. They tell me its cheaper than car service or taking a limo or taxi. It might be something you would consider as summer is here which makes the driving easy. If you google "Uber" you also learn they deliver food and have really interesting perks for their drivers. Follow their guidelines, get the app and off you go.

  Uber Turns to Saudi Arabia for $3.5 Billion Cash Infusion   New York Times - June 2, 2016
Uber raised $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia's investment fund, its biggest cash infusion from one investor. The ride-sharing company is the most-funded start-up in the world.

EU Pleads With Countries To Go Easier On Uber and Airbnb   Fortune - June 2, 2016
The European Commission isnÕt happy with all the crackdowns EU national and local authorities have been making on collaborative economy platforms such as Uber and Airbn