Thursday, June 16, 2016

Independence Day:


I've watched the film Independence Day so many times, I've memorized all the lines. The trailer for "Independence Day: Resurgence" starts off with ... "I can't believe it's been 20 years." I would agree as so much has happened.

7.4.96 ... "Independence Day" awakened many of us ... The Internet was in its infancy as was Crystalinks. Consciousness was changing as was technology and human design.

Since then hundreds of people have seen UFOs and had paranormal experiences. I don't know how I know - but the biogenetic experiments on humans - most likely by the Grays - ended in 2007 though some report telepathic communication since then. It's all in the grids.

The average person knows governments cover things up, are in collusion with aliens, or at least they were, and yet nothing conclusive has been proven to the people of the world as to races and agendas.

Those of us connected to alien research have come a long way in determining that ... our planet was once visited by aliens whose agenda is programmed to influence us today. The way I see it ... these are just subroutines in the simulation in which we experience.

Studying about aliens - sooner or later leads one to the understanding that reality is a consciousness experiment in which we are participating. It will end along with the illusion of time.

People always ask me if aliens will make themselves known during the course of their experience here. I see that happening as the simulation ends and all grids collide.

Some people tell me they already interact with aliens - others say they are waiting - while the rest of the population has little or no interest while programmed to be enmeshed in the dramas of every day life.

I had one physical alien experience when I was 11. Since then, I have only seen ships that I believe our government created.

Consciousness is moving beyond "lights in the sky". None of this is relevant anymore until we actually have physical interaction on a global scale that we can process in the hopes of making sense of the journey here. At the end of the day it's just an experience set in time to study emotions.

Scripts and storylines can be recycled in and out of reality but Independence Day comes when it ends. FADE TO BLACK

Terror in the Orlando Grid

Wednesday June 15, 2016

Some people say "things happen in three's" - meaning we live in 3D where they manifest in the physical grids for emotional value.

Last Friday night, 'Voice' singer Christina Grimmie died after being shot following her Orlando concert performance. Christina was taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition and died early Saturday morning. The killer, Loibl, was tackled by Christina's brother then killed himself. The investigation continues as fans, friends, and family mourn.

That night in Orlando there was a Gay Pride Week celebration at a club called Pulse. As you know, at 2 AM Sunday morning a mass shooting occurred - committed by Omar Mateen - the backstory of which is still under investigation. That event imprinted the grids like nothing I've seen since 9/11. I visited that grid while in "dream time" this morning and heard the screams of the victims. [This is not about Time Travel as Time is an Illusion but about Grid Travel another aspect of the illusion.]

As my consciousness raced back to my physical Ellie body this morning - I passed a small boy who was screaming - the left side of his face bleeding. It was awful but luckily I recognized that I was just an observer. I woke up and as always turned on the morning news to find this story out of Orlando ... Alligator grabs toddler, drags him into lagoon at Disney hotel, police say

In Orlando and cities across the world, tributes to those lost continue along with the investigations.

More Strangeness in Orlando

Email from my friend Mary Ellen in Orlando:

Hi Ellie, A dear friend died the other night. Before I knew of it, my phone rang several times and when I answered no one there. Strangely, there was no recent call on the ID. At 10:07pm I texted my daughter to ask if it was her, she said no. The next day I learned the friend had died, in his family's words, "10pm straight up" the night before when the phone rang. Two nights ago there were several knocks at my bedroom door. I even heard the door vibrate with the knocks. I opened and found no one there, my houseguest had retired more than 30 minutes earlier and later said she'd not gotten back up. Yesterday I came home to find a penny in the door frame of my front door. It's been a woo-woo week for me.

When ghosts call from the other side one often sees the caller ID as a series of 0000. Ghosts can call, leave money, create noises and fragrances of different kinds, and more, especially as the grids in Orlando are "spiking now".