Saturday, June 11, 2016

Time Travel

It all started for me on Monday, when my friend Anna and I were guided to visit Coney Island where I grew up and have had many time travel experiences some of which I blogged about, including one having to do with the TV series "Fringe" in Coney Island. On this day, Anna and I experienced none of those energies - as if a wormhole had closed - enjoying the moment and eating jelly covered marshmallows on a stick. Sweet ...

On Tuesday, I read a psychic in Texas who suddenly asked if I time traveled here from the future? Neither of us were sure why she asked - but it sort of fit in with Monday's experience and the fact that the movement of space and time are foremost in my work here. I can't wait until the current loop we are stuck ends and souls are free. She and I discussed the nature the simulation which she understood ... but then there is the science of it all, which is infinitely as fascinating. Reality is a multidimensional algorithm set in time and space ... etc. etc. etc.

As the week continued ... Wednesday and Thursday brought other events to my life having to do with time travel and other "paranormal experiences". Bending space-time is fun.

We arrive at "Linear Friday 6.10.16" ... The History Channel featured a show called "Time Beings: Extreme Time Travel Conspiracies" - an examination of time-travel theories. There were several people I knew on the show which mainly featured Podcaster Jimmy Church ... Fade to Black ... Ah ...We are on the same page ... Bring it ...