Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday - 6/6

June 6, 2016

The end of the presidential primaries is a day away. Hillary will lock up the nomination while Bernie vows to fight on. Sorry, Bernie ... History will remember your valiant effort and yes, we agree with your assessment of Hillary. Onward we go with two of the most hated candidates in history continuing their endless rhetoric over the next four months. There should be a rule as to how many times candidates can repeat their attack on each other using the same themes.

I listened to Trump discuss the judge involved in the Trump University lawsuit - and he does make his case as to why judges with certain backgrounds he's attacked could - and would - not be objective in litigation against him. I'm not defending Trump as I don't like him, but I do see his point. I think he'll "beat" Hillary to instigate changes ... but at what expense? It's all out of control.

Today ... if I could ask Trump and Hillary a question ... it would be about how they would deal with the accelerating climate changes that are slowly taking down the country and will continue on. That takes us to ... flood stories. My friend Rick in San Antonio reported that though his apartment has not been flooded - all of that water is creating other health hazards. Over in Tampa, my friend John is watching Tropical Storm Colin as it heads towards Florida. Colin has become the record-earliest third named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season.

Over the next month, many of my local fiends in the Muslim
community, and others around the world, will observe Ramadan.

Muhammad Ali became a Muslim and sharply criticized Trump's Muslim ban last December.

Trump called hypocrite for Muhammad Ali tweet   CNN

Muhammad Ali

January 17, 1942-June 3, 2016

I remember the life and times of Muhammad Ali as a young boxer, in my age group, named Cassius Clay. He was a game changer. It was not hard to follow his career as he was always in the news - a colorful character with lots to say. He was brash, charming, handsome, loud, funny, rude, brave, occasionally cruel, uniquely talented, eternally fascinating, always original, and ultimately the most famous person of his time. He erased the line between athlete and activist making it easier for other prominent African-American athletes to speak out about politics, race, and other topics of the day. I remember children posing like him while shouting, "I am the greatest" as he was a role model for many. I also remember supporting his opposition to American involvement in the Vietnam War. I knew we would lose there ... followed by another war in the Middle East as the hologram comes full circle. Tributes to Muhammad Ali continue.

Speaking of wars and paying tributes ...

June 6, 1944

D-Day - World War II - Allied Invasion of Normandy Wikipedia

Invasion of Normandy    Google News

Photos: The Allied invasion of Normandy   CNN

  World War II D-Day    Google Videos

The Normandy Landings initiated the Western Allied effort to
liberate mainland Europe from Nazi occupation during World War II.