Saturday, June 4, 2016

Programmed For Money

Many clients ask me about the best way to get rich. I always tell them the truth in terms of earning money, winning it, and building fortunes. With people who understand that we live in a programmed simulation, it's much easier for them to understand how things work. For the others, it's different.

The average worker will have success at some point. This may last through their lifetime or collapse due to economic changes. Once lost, they rarely recoup their money, but fantasize that it will come back, so they keep trying because humans are programmed for "hope." People who have lost money often spend the rest of their lives sulking about the person who took it from them and rehashing what went wrong.

On the flip side, people who are programmed to be wealthy - no matter what they do with their money - even if they give it all away - will find that it returns almost immediately through one opportunity or another. Donald Trump is a prime example. It's about programming - sometimes called "karma" - but is actually part of the algorithm of their experiences here.

You can meditate for money on this weekend's New Moon, try any number of occult ways to manifest it, most certainly set personal goals, but you won't be wealthy unless you're programmed for it. Praying and meditating don't create manifestation. That is just another part of the illusion. If it were true, we'd all be financially independent. Live each day the best way you can and manage your finances accordingly.

Remember that with a new administration will come economic change - both good and bad. You have to wait for it.

June 5, 2016

New Moon 14° Gemini

June 5, 2016

World Environment Day

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