Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Classroom Earth

Reality is broken as we attempt to create balance while coping with the programmed circumstances that shape our lives. On the matter of emotionally unstable students returning to school and killing others, you and I already know that mental illness permeates the consciousness grids that create this reality, and gun reform or no gun reform, seriously disturbed people will find a way, as do terrorists.

It's about uncontrollable rage, violence, trying to make a difference, wanting to go down in history for some act be it positive or negative, and all of the other things that make it hard for us to believe that violence will ever stop. Our bipolar experiment is, and has always been based on violence (war, abuses, etc.) For today ... If you see something say something. The bullies and abusers will possibly be stopped or taken away, but unfortunately the nature of this reality is abuse and healing. Sadly that won't change until the simulation ends and we are free to move on.

We are the innocent children/students who came to this reality to study the nature of emotions. The dismissal bell is about to ring signifying the end of the human experiment.