Saturday, February 17, 2018

Turning 75

The birthday greeting above was sent by my Facebook friend Stephen who celebrated yesterday and also lives in Brooklyn. Thanks Stephen. Today I celebrate with family though the size of the group has dwindled from 15 to 4 due to the flu. Our plan is to party again when everyone is better and the weather warms up.

As the years pass, do we ever imagine being 75 and how we might think and feel on that day? For me it's just another day embracing good health as I turn the page in the Life and Times of Ellie Crystal. 2017 brought reunions with high school and college friends, and the knowledge that some of my classmates have passed on. Most of my generation seems to have fared well in this crazy world, educated and surprisingly intuitive.

I share my life each day with family, friends, clients, social media, and others who pass through. We are all here to learn through experience and thus create philosophies about life and where everything is going. We all feel a sense of purpose these days, the Mission Feeling about why we are here and where it is all going, as everything appears to be reaching the apex of the pyramid of our experience when all is revealed and evolves out of existence as if a play in which we have been vicariously experiencing.

I was shown my destined in 1954 on a UFO and so it has come to pass. My journey, like yours, would be filled with the full gamut of emotions that sculpture one's life and destiny. I have been blessed to know and work with so many of you during this time. We've grown together and shared for the betterment of those whose lives we touch.

Twenty-three years ago, when Crystalinks was first conceived, my destiny changed forever along with the millions of readers who would find answers to questions about their lives, dreams, experiences, and more as we move forward in the paradox of events in which we experience. Today we question everything and understand reality as a rapidly accelerating conspiracy as each week End Time events present themselves.

This week was about the unfortunate Florida School Shooting on Valentine's Day, Trump's programmed reactions to the shooting and to the Mueller indictments presented yesterday. While we are used to having a president who protects us, you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to realize that Trump is programmed to protect himself and most definitely has a personal agenda that he is protecting and not willing to disclose at this time. The algorithm of our reality is presenting you with these events so you can better understand closure. There are those I have recently talked to about Trump being groomed to become president for decades - like a pawn in a game - who is playing out his role.

Yesterday confirmation came about things we already knew - Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election helping Trump and hurting the Clinton campaigns. Russia took advantage of our society, our First Amendment, our social media, our deep divisions, and in some cases our identities. This asymmetrical act of information and psychological warfare continues on as we come to the 2018 elections, bringing to mind similar storylines we have read about or seen in films - the Cold War revisited in the 21st century.

Years before the 2016 election - Russian operatives physically entered our country - and in the Age of Technology electronically changed what we read, what we saw, what we heard, and in some cases changed our minds about the issues of the day. Millions of dollars went into this successful attack by a hostile world power on our own soil as conspiracy theorists, among others, put the pieces of the puzzle together. For now, no one was vindicated, no one was cleared, this is just another piece of the puzzle we follow as if a spy novel. Your emotional base will determine how invested you are in the remainder of the simulation.

If you're like me, you're just letting everything play out, and have become a Watcher. End times will touch your life be they the accelerating natural disasters such as the 7.2 earthquake in southeastern Mexico today, climate changes, personal relationships, and you know the rest. You'll probably say life isn't fair but that's the bipolar nature of the simulation.

To me whatever is going on in government and the world, is all a diversion and busywork as a Master Plan unfolds behind the scenes. Some events make it more evident while others occupy our time while we wait. It's events of a negative nature that spike in the grids of consciousness and allow us to understand how emotional programming effects closure. All of this is accelerating exponentially with not much more to go. Consider yourself lucky if you're programmed to understand the bigger picture, have good health, and are braced for impact on all fronts. To be continued ... in year 76 ...