Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Circle of Life

Would Trump have run into Douglas Stoneman High School to help save the children two weeks ago? We basically view him as a man who would not put himself in harms way, yet you never know what someone would do in an emergency.

Once upon a time in upscale Manhattan Beach where I was raising my children, I came home one afternoon to the sound of glass shattering as two men were trying to break into my home through a back window. You would think I would have been smart enough to run the other way, instead something overcame me and I charged towards them with a vengeance I couldn't believe. They saw me and ran like hell. The police came but the men were long gone. To this day I know that if I had a gun I would've shot them though I am not that type of person and I don't own a gun. You just never know how you will react in an emergency until it happens. Some call this showing what a person is made of when the chips are down - or stupidity - depending who you talk to.

So what happened to the three deputies and the security guard from the Douglas Stoneman High School shooting in the moments before help arrived? Did they freeze? Were they waiting for backup? Were they confused about what was going on and the location of the shooter? All of this and other issues dealing with gun control will continue until something is done. Nearly two weeks after the shooting, the questions remain: Will anything change? Will politics rule? We know political and economic systems across the world are conspiratorial and yet have always run the hologram.

Trump has vowed to end years of political gridlock by getting tough with the NRA and Congress. His critics say he's making policy on the fly and he's supports people carrying guns. It's not what Trump says. It's what he does. Actions speak louder than words. If I was an armed teacher in the school that day, I still don't think I would've gone after a shooter will hearing an automatic weapon. It just makes no sense and creates dead bodies everywhere. I would've done what the teachers did ... hide, protect my students, and pray. Thoughts of other school shootings probably would've raced through my mind as well as wondering if my time was up.


Immigration: The Supreme Court's decision to keep in place a legal shield for the rest of this year or longer is a mixed blessing for the Dreamers (DACA). On the one hand, it removes the immediate threat of losing one's job or being deported. On the other, it will draw out the final resolution of whether they can stay in the U.S. legally. Without a hard deadline, few in Congress will want to press the issue, especially before November's midterm elections. So while the high court's decision was procedural and not a ruling on substance, it leaves the program in place as long as the legal challenges wind their way through the courts. In that sense, it represents a significant victory for the Dreamers and a defeat for the Trump administration's hard-liners on immigration.

On the matter of chain migration, though I have clients who want to bring families here, and understand how they feel based on the atrocities in many countries, I also see Trump's view that people coming here need to be productive not become part of the system that takes money from a bankrupt government. I always go by the theory that you can take others into your home if and when you can take care of yourself and those who depend on you. First you fix the problems in your home/country ... then you selectively invite others here who are less fortunate. Nothing will change my mind on that. Many who come here through chain migration don't speak English, feel isolated and would have preferred to stay in their native country. They get depressed, and even if college educated, can't find work because the jobs go to Americans, are forced to do menial jobs beneath their level of education, and wonder why they came here.

One more thing about taking the emotionally wounded into your home ... A local family took in the Florida shooter and his brother after their mother died. It caused chaos and they threw him out. We know what he did next. There's a part of me that would love to wave my magic wand and bring happiness and security to everyone. That is not the programming of third dimensional reality. By its very nature it's bipolar as are the programmed participants within.

I also agree with Trump on the lottery system of bringing people here ... it should end.

About building the wall ... I don't see it happening for several reasons the main one being the earthquakes in Mexico and the fault lines that continue into California etc. You may believe that these ongoing quakes are going to slow down as many have in the past, but it is not the case. Everything is broken. Reality is on borrowed time.


California: Speaking of the border wall ... Trump is planning a mid-March visit to see border wall prototypes. He will also visit Los Angeles to attend a Republican National Committee fundraiser. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ohio Gov. John Kasich will headline an event to debut a new group seeking to reform the California Republican Party. Good luck with that. Get rid of everybody over age 70. Stacey Dash, the conservative commentator and actress known for the TV series Clueless (metaphor?), is running for Congress in Southern California. Far-right radio host and author Michael Savage says that very important people have asked him to run for U.S. Senate in California.


The Tech World: My grandson Michael, a Business Major and sophomore at Boston College, has been selected among thousands of students to be part of a group to attend a conference in Silicon Valley with heads of the top tech companies that perhaps result in a job after he graduates. He and other sophomores are flying to California this weekend to spend a week there. Though business has been his major and direction, suddenly, in this changing world, he is rethinking what he wants to do. It would appear that everything is accelerating including the future careers of our young adults. Is it any wonder many high school students have no idea what they want to do when they grow up, or even when they go to college. When one looks at the tech companies, all they see is change so quickly your brain has to be programmed to keep up. The glory days of glowing praise and good PR for these big tech companies as waned, especially after allegations of election meddling, concerns about privacy and questions about technology's role in our daily lives have muddied the waters for the Silicon Valley giants which are now up against the biggest corporate backlash seen in decades.


Email, phone conversations, social media and just about everything in the grids of this reality can be monitored, but you know that. They can be hacked and used against you. So who holds the keys to your email? The Supreme Court will soon decide. The issue is straightforward: Can a company be compelled by the government to turn over emails stored on overseas servers? Federal agents in 2014 served Microsoft with a warrant demanding emails in a drug trafficking case. Microsoft said it can't hand them over because the data lives in Ireland. The lawyers will argue their cases before the justices Tuesday, with the Justice Department warning of a future with safe havens for data that could be evidence of serious crimes. Microsoft says the wrong ruling would set off a global free-for-all, with nothing to stop any country from seeking data stored anywhere in the world.


In conclusion, few things work in this world and once you get them balanced they are apt to change. All you can do is live out your programming trying to keep your life, and those who depend on you, as safe and balanced as possible. People with emotional problems are really struggling these days. Those who don't understand reality are becoming more broken because there are no answers. Hang in. Use your own intuition to guide you. Don't worry about what comes next. If old paradigms no longer work for you, but they do for others, step aside and live your own life. Don't let anyone tell you what to believe and that old antiquated systems are supposed to work in today's world. Make your own decisions if it all possible. Good luck.