Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Financial Tsunamis

Dow roars back for 567-point gain after scary start   CNN - February 6, 2018

The government could shut down if Congress doesn't act by Thursday night.

Metaphysical Tsunami

Tuesday night, National Geographic presented a one hour documentary The Lost Treasures of the Maya Snake Kings linked to a recent Maya discovery - Thousands of Mysterious Maya Structures Discovered in Guatemala. Aerial LiDAR Survey Of Guatemalan Jungle Peels Away the Canopy To Reveal Unknown Cities And More Than 60,000 Man-Made Structures, Confirming Maya Civilization Was Much Larger Than Previously Thought. The documentary once again showed how technology can help archaeologists redefine an ancient civilization. I couldn't help viewing the program through the eyes of Ancient Alien theorists and wondering where this will take them.

Wednesday night, the Travel Channel presents Is This the Face of King Tut's Mother? A female mummy lies in the Cairo Museum. DNA tests proved a relationship with ing Tut, but was she his mother Queen Nefertiti or someone else?

False Alerts Create Tsunamis of Emotions

This appears to be a well orchestrated cyber attack.

Hawaii, Japan, Florida, New York, More

Botched tsunami warning test sparks weather war of words  
USA Today - February 6, 2018

AccuWeather sends false NWS tsunami warning alert in New York  
AM NY - February 6, 2018

If a mega-tsunami was going to hit the East Coast, it would be accompanied by a 9.0 earthquake in the Mid Atlantic Ridge, Atlantic Ocean Mega-tsunami Theory involving the Canary Islands, or the Pacific Ring of Fire would have split creating cataclysmic earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. As to false alerts, they are happening more frequently now, perhaps as wake up calls.

Behind the scenes

Do you feel more connected to what's going on behind the scene of the hologram as opposed to what is presented each day for you to vicariously experience? When concluding that alert systems are being hacked, something is off with the stock market, and others things in your life are out of synch and make little sense, where does your mind take you for answers? Many things don't resonant with our memories and perceptions. Things just feel off because they are. These events are glitches in the hologram (simulation) that make us aware that we are getting close to system failures and shutdown.

Can AI (Artificial Intelligence) hack the systems?

A Quantum Algorithm Could Help Us Bring AI to Life  
Futurism - February 6, 2018

AI takes us to Elon Musk, Reality as a Simulation, SpaceX and Falcon Heavy

I just watched SpaceX launch the world's biggest rocket. So cool. Perfect.
Still primitive for me. Once you've been on a UFO ... well what can I say.

Watch SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket make its maiden flight today  
NBC - February 6, 2018

Taiwan earthquake: Series of powerful aftershocks hit Hualien   BBC - February 7, 2018

Taiwan: 2018 Hualien Earthquake   Wikipedia