Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday Memos

The bald eagle was chosen June 20, 1782 as the emblem of the United States of America, because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks, and also because it was then believed to exist only on this continent. In the duality of life, perhaps the Philadelphia Eagle's Super Bowl win last night signifies things are going to change for the better ... but as we live in physical reality don't bet on it.

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles and quarterback Nick Foles on their first ever Super Bowl win. Both teams played a great game but it was time for Tom Brady and the Patriots to step down and give somebody else the title. Though I enjoyed watching Tom Brady play, Nick Foles was amazing especially when he caught a pass. Eli Manning of the New York Giants was part of the pregame show. I've watched as my team went from Super Bowl champs to last place in 2017. In the realms of duality all good things come to an end ... and then there's the saying, "There's always next year." The Super Bowl half-time show was amazing especially if you like Justin Timberlake - at one point singing with a huge hologram in purple of Prince a native of Minneapolis. There's lots more in the news if interested.

As all things turn and return to politics each week - some Eagles players will boycott a visit to the White House. The government could shut down if Congress doesn't act this week. The Nunes Memo fallout continues as he promises this is not the last memo and Democrats make their case. Janet Yellen is out as Fed chair replaced today by Jerome Powell. Then there's new drama presented by Trump each week for those addicted. What will it be this time in our "reality" show? For the rest of us it's just a deflection and more busy work from truth. I suppose other presidents have also diverted from truth whether they want to do or not, but it's all been covert actions in the past. Trump just brings it to the fore.

Here in NYC February 8 - 16 is Fashion Week if you follow trends.

Last but not least, this week highlights with the 2018 Winter Olympics. I've already been searching for alternate programming as many of my favorite shows are on hiatus until March. I would prefer to watch the highlights of the Olympics rather than the events as they occur - many a day ahead of the United States and already reported.