Thursday, February 15, 2018

Florida School Shooting
A Valentine's Day Massacre

Douglas High School Shooting

News coverage of events like the Douglas High School Shooting has become all too familiar. Aerial photos of students leaving the scene as police enter the building, crying parents anxiously waiting nearby thankful for cell phones, and emergency vehicles trying to help the wounded are part of the pattern. The suspect is captured - his classmates and social media once again reflecting patterns of mental illness and access to weapons. In the aftermath, we again hear stories by students, teachers, parents, and others who feel that gun control and regulations would make a significant difference ... maybe.

Once again,, I am blogging something that you and I already know. As the simulation of our reality is imploding, so too are the behavior patterns of those within. In our algorithm, patterns repeat, as we have been witnessing, meaning that terrorism and violence will continue by those programmed to enact them. The perpetrator in this case is your typical isolated youth with emotional, and based on the fact that he was left back twice, intellectual challenges who feels isolated, considers joining the military or perhaps a radical Islamic group - anything but living his day-to-day life which shows him no future.

Many in that age group hate school and have no direction for the future. They look back at the generations before them, current global situations, the patterns of our president and the unfolding secrets of government, and wonder what kind of future is ahead. Will there be martial law in the near future when having a gun to protect themselves is important? Have they been abused emotionally and physically to the point with keeping a weapon is also for their own protection? Do playing video games and following terrorist activities influence their decisions?

Mental illness its generally peaks between the ages of 19 and 20 which is when psychosis and other serious illnesses that have been brewing through the teen years take over. How does one quiet the mind and try to function in today's world? Some turn to medical professionals, holistic practitioners, others to drugs. This is no different than when we were young and growing up, only in those years everything was hidden. It led to adults who abuse women, children, coworkers, and others around them. Those who abuse in childhood almost always abuse in adulthood. In today's world the abuses they portray in our little simulation are coming to the fore as sexual predators and worse.

Wednesday night

I spoke with my friend Marilyn who lives within walking distance of the school. Her son's two children attend the school. Her grandson Jeremy, a freshman, ran and hid in the bushes when the shooting started. Jeremey and his sister, Jessica, a Junior, are safe but badly shaken. How does one heal from this, if ever? The suspect, 19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz, had been expelled from the school for violent behavior bringing weapons to school and showing them off. This is a need for power. He and his brother, also disturbed, were foster children whose foster mother had recently died. When he came back to the school, the classrooms were locked so he pulled the fire alarm and started shooting as the students and teachers ran out. Somehow he got his hands on a $2,000 gun. FYI: Marilyn is the friend who sent me the birthday card below. My friend Linda, also in the pic below, has a grandson, Ethan, who was in the neighboring middle school which was on lockdown. Ethan is okay but also shaken.

February 15, 2018

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