Wednesday, February 7, 2018


It's snowing lightly but not sticking - too warm out. The weather services are more concerned about ice than snow later today so please be careful. I hope the weather doesn't affect Super Bowl LII festivities in Philadelphia tomorrow.

About creating Doritos for women ... seriously? The only chip I like are Doritos Cool Ranch which I rarely snack on as I prefer sugar to salt. I see no reason to make a small size chip unless it's what people want but the whole thing seems silly to me and is blown out of proportion.

Yale Psychology Professor Laurie Santos is teaching a course called "Psychology and the Good Life" to teach students how to cope and be happy. College is when one first realizes what life s really about in our changing world. This should be part of high school curriculum please visits to a school counselor on a regular basis for every student. Even if the students I happy, there's always something they want to discuss. Just to show you how crazy we have become as a society her course has become the school's most popular class. Once again we are back to Psychology 101 ... learn to relax. Meditation relieves stress. Sleep eight hours - common sense. Mindfulness is a fancy new term for focus. People love titles but they all come down to the same thing - you have to know your dietary requirements, how long to sleep, what causes you stress, how much drinking and drugging your body can handle and more.

Politics: Old stories continue with new twists. The government shutdown was temporarily averted while Trump coerces others to give him what he wants on immigration and other matters ... So once again he can say he has another win. To him it's not about helping people it's about scoring something on the board.

When Trump said he wants a military parade ... my mind flitted to a past life in Germany during WWII watching tanks roll down the streets as people cheered for Hitler. Nasty feeling.

Economic Disasters

Stock markets in Europe rise despite Asia rally losing steam   BBC - February 7, 2018

Stock market rebound stalls after wild day on Wall Street   CNN - February 7, 2018

House sends spending bill to keep government open to the Senate   CNN - February 7, 2018
The House of Representatives passed legislation funding most federal agencies through March 23, and the Pentagon for a full fiscal year, roughly two days before the government faces a shutdown. The bill passed 245-182, but this is just the first step. The bill will next go the Senate, where Democrats are expected to oppose it because it doesn't also provide longer term money for domestic programs like opioid recovery efforts, transportation, and education.