Monday, February 26, 2018

Papua New Guinea Earthquakes

Sunday on Ellie's World ...

The first time I read about Papua New Guinea was twenty years ago - July 17, 1998 when a 7.0 earthquake struck their north coast. It caused a large undersea landslide, which in turn caused a tsunami that hit the coast killing more than 2,200 people. That event triggered a memory of PNG and End Times as if a focal point. To this day I follow tectonic activity in PNG but find most of the energies there unsettling.

Striking Photos of the Past and Present of Papua New Guinea
  Smithsonian - March 2018

As if by design a few hours after I posted the blog above ... a Magnitude 7.5 earthquake stroke Papua New Guinea. Is someone trying to tell me something or confirm a memory?

Breaking: Earthquakes Hit Papua New Guinea And Offshore Of Fukushima In Japan   Forbes - February 26, 2018

Monday Memos

As always on a Monday morning we look to see what's ahead in the news for the week, as if looking at spoilers for a TV series. It's all there for the taking from the Parkland, Florida students returning to school, to what comes next in the diplomacy between North Korea and South Korea, to the latest conspiracies that we will highlight this week, and how Trump will try to divert our attention away from his disasters once again.