Monday, October 18, 2010

Conspiracy Theories

As far as back I can remember, there have always been those who are programmed to create secrets and thus conspiracies, so others can play at unraveling them. This game really gets some men going and arguing to prove their point.

Argue .. argue ... argue ... raise your blood pressure ... clandestine meetings ... so 20th century and prior ... try to expose corruption and have to pay the price ... curious part of the game that never made sense to me. We know the coverups go so deep no one knows the exact truth at this point and who will bring it forward with accuracy, but something big is coming.

Though our technology seems limited to me, it is advanced enough to bring out the truth. This is all playing our based on sequential programming - in case you didn't figure that out. It happens when it is programmed to happen, as it did in prior time loops. think outside the box. Play the game on a higher level.

Conspiracies go back to the beginning of the program and the ancient mystery school teachings. By now it's all getting tedious and people expect answers. What would happen if they understood reality as a hologram? It won't be long now.

I've met all sorts of Whistleblowers in the 25 years I've played in metaphysics and now along comes the faster easier way to uncover the conspiracies ... technology and WikiLeaks. Being lied to about the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, is old news. Time to tell us the truth about religion and alien coverups that will change the face of human consciousness forever.

Pentagon bracing for new WikiLeaks release   PhysOrg - October 18, 2010

    The massive release, possibly early this week, is set to dwarf the whistleblower website's publication of 77,000 classified US military documents on the war in Afghanistan in July, including the names of Afghan informants and other details from raw intelligence reports. Another 15,000 are due out soon. In order to prepare for the anticipated release of sensitive intelligence on the US-led Iraq war, officials set up a 120-person task force several weeks ago to comb through the database and "determine what the possible impacts might be," said Colonel David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman.

    The Department of Defense is concerned the leak compiles "significant activities" from the war, which include incidents such as known attacks against coalition troops, Iraqi security forces, civilians or infrastructure in the country. The data was culled from an Iraq-based database that contained "significant acts, unit-level reporting, tactical reports, things of that nature," said Lapan, noting that Pentagon officials still do not know how many and which documents would be released. He urged WikiLeaks to return the documents to the US military, which he said found no need to redact them in the interim.

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