Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Quickies

Life does not have to be about fighting battles, but about changing your inner-actions/interactions.

Haven't blogged a Twitter Trend lately, so here goes:

    "I'll be back ...." (I thought of the 33 miners and my Sumerian God friend)

After blogging the quickie about the Sumerian god, George came by and told me about the UFO's over the city Wednesday. Darn ... I missed the ships, but they'll be back. Chelsea is not far from here. Don't think we'll be here much long, yet still feel 2012 for closure. Lots of end time surprises.

      UFO over NYC !!

    Just after one month after a press event covering a new book coming out by a retired NORAD officer predicting UFOs to fly over major cities on October 13, 2010, sightings are all a Twitter about UFOs over the Chelsea area of New York City. With chatter on Twitter and videos being released on YouTube, people are starting to question if they really saw UFOs in Manhattan¹s West Side. The objects were said to be at least 4,000 feet in the air and were small and hard to see. Videos filmed only caught specks of what some said were simply weather balloons. As interviewed by the New York Daily News a bystander said, ³It¹s been hovering there for a while. I¹m just kind of baffled.²

    The FAA and police started to get slammed with phone calls and reports of the UFOs right after 1:00pm. The reports started to come in from the Chelsea area and spread across Manhattan. After reviewing radar history the FAA said that there was nothing unusual to report. As silly as it sounds, what one can¹t deny is the hundreds of tweets that keep showing up on Twitter of people giving their account of the NYC UFO sightings. ABC was able to grab a video shot of the UFO crowd watchers and the UFO in the sky.

      ABC - YouTube The ships hovered for about 45 minutes. Do you think the ships were real?

Speaking of things paranormal...

"Fringe" returns tonight. Has anyone else found it slightly boring this season? Maybe it will get better as the season progresses. At this rate, this could be the last season for a show with such great talent and potential. I find it interesting that I can relate to Peter kissing Olivia from this universe, but not the other. Sex truly is mind over matter. Further, why haven't they hooked up yet?

Speaking of relationships ... On the matter of David Arquette and Courtney Cox ... let's just say people change and grow apart, cheating being only a fraction of the equation. A lifetime with one person can be the most rewarding journey one can have, or a marriage can be a place one visits to complete their programmed karma, then move on. Nothing is easy and divorce can be brutal to all involved. You know how I feel, if the couple are not stable, the marriage cannot last and the children produced will be challenged.

Speaking about marital dramas ... When the Chilean miner who has both a wife and a mistress was rescued - who do you think greeted him? It was the mistress. Speak about a man in drama ... Here's the mistress, Susana Valenzuela, holding a statue of Mother Mary ... She must have read my blog! :)

Chilean Mine Rescue

The world waited and watched as one by one the 33 mine workers were rescued from their tomb after 69 days. The news will continue to follow the story in the days, weeks, and months ahead. All will be forever changed, their stories reported on the news. Their families report that none will return to the mines and thatch man is getting $10,000 - equivalent to one's year's salary. There will be lots of celebrity here and of course a film about the events.

NASA Helped In Cage Design for Chilean Rescue   Discovery - October 14, 2010

As Chile celebrates, mine's future in question

    Officials at the copper and gold mine whose collapse trapped the 33 men for more than two months still have to answer why it was allowed to operate at all. "This mine will definitely never open again," he said after a dizzying day in which the miners were pulled up through a narrow escape chute from nearly a half-mile down in under 23 hours - far less than originally forecast. Pinera also said the conditions that allowed the accident "will not go unpunished. Those who are responsible will have to assume their responsibility."

    Pinera said the rescue would end up costing "somewhere between $10 (million) and $20 million," a third covered by private donations with the rest coming from state-owned Codelco - the country's largest company and the government itself.

Thursday's Slideshow   Google Videos

To Hell & Back: How 69 Days Underground Affects Spirituality   Live Science - October 13, 2010

After 69 days trapped in the dark more than 2,000 feet underground, 33 Chilean miners are emerging one-by-one from the earth today in an unprecedented rescue. Amid the joy at the mine, one of the miners, Mario Sepulveda, struck a serious tone.

  Follow the Story   AP - October 13, 2010

Some will call this a "miracle" as so many prayed for the safe recovery of the miners.