Monday, October 25, 2010

Midterm Elections

Over the next three weeks, political issues will highlight and frame the news. Do you pay attention or change the channel, or click on the next online article? Everything linked to the November midterm elections will be on the internet - from the economy, gay rights, environment, energy, education, war, national security, health care, to the bashing of those running, etc. You know the deal. You reason that with most systems not functioning, what the heck difference does it make. As always, everyone will have an opinion about this and that, but as we have learned, all plays out as is meant. Some will express their choices by voting, others by blogging or creating some interesting, and often humorous, YouTube videos. Will the Democrats continue to control Congress? Will Andrew Cuomo beat Carl Paladino for governor of NYS? Should states governor themselves? Are the issues fixable?

Sunday is Halloween. With that many people are planning parties and fun things to do. Made any plans?

Trick or Treat? What best describes your life now and what you foresee in 2011?

Do you believe in ghosts? I guess you do or you wouldn't be here?

What about witches, witchcraft, wicca, and magic spells? Have they ever worked for you in the past?

Still think you can conjure up the perfect partner?

White magic ... black magic ... how about "green" magic?

With or without magic, are your finances in order for Christmas shopping? Try a book. There are only 95 hard copies of "2012 Sarah and Alexander" left. Books always make great gifts.

Speaking of finances, there's been a lot on the news about compulsive shoppers and/or shopaholics. If that's you - best get a grip before the holiday season. Make a plan based on what's coming so you know what you can afford. Are you a smart shopper or a compulsive bargain hunter? If you're spending money you don't have, looking towards shopping for that jolt of happiness, or buying stuff you don't need, in an already over-stuffed home - then it may be compulsive.

It's amazing how out of control our programing is when it comes to most anything we do in this reality. The object is to know when things are out of control and take back your life.

Do you remember how many people lost their jobs at the end of 2008 and 2009? Be careful ... please. There are not many jobs out there. If you are in debt, get help. Go online and see if someone can guide you out of the financial mess you may be in.

Not everyone is good with math and business. Many people can do the create aspects of their business, but need someone with business experience to guide the rest - advertising, marketing, inventory, other overhead. Do not put more money in a failing business. If you want to create a startup business - be sure and keep the day job until revenue comes in. Do not use all of your equity to start the business. Please ... be careful and seek a financial expert.

Most of all ... do not live the dream of past economies that were destiny to failure. Be practical. My children and I have been discussing what to give the children at the holidays.