Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Preparing the Masses?

Air Force manual describes shadowy cyberwar world   MSNBC - October 25, 2010

A new Air Force manual for cyberwarfare describes a shadowy, fast-changing world where anonymous enemies can carry out devastating attacks in seconds and where conventional ideas about time and space don't apply. Much of the 62-page manual is a dry compendium of definitions, acronyms and explanations of who reports to whom. But it occasionally veers into scenarios that sound more like computer games than flesh-and-blood warfare.

It's Happening in Indonesia

Tsunami Hits Indonesia

Indonesia tsunami kills 113; scores more missing   AP - October 26, 2010

A powerful earthquake triggered a 10-foot (three-meter) tsunami that pounded remote island villages in western Indonesia, killing at least 113 people and leaving scores more missing, an official said Tuesday. The fault that ruptured Monday on Sumatra island's coast also caused the 2004 quake and monster Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 230,000 people in a dozen countries. A day after the quake struck 13 miles (20 kilometers) beneath the ocean floor, rescuers were still struggling to get to the Mentawai islands - which are closest to the epicenter - because of strong winds and rough seas on the way to the islands that can only be reached by a 12-hour boat ride. But reports of the damage and casualities from the 7.7-magnitude temblor were already steadily rising. Mujiharto, who heads the Health Ministry's crisis center, said 113 bodies have been recovered so far. The number of missing was between 150 and 500. Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago, is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity due to its location on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire - a series of fault lines stretching from the Western Hemisphere through Japan and Southeast Asia.

Indonesian volcano erupts, 20 hurt by hot ash   AP - October 26, 2010

Indonesia's most volatile volcano started erupting Tuesday, after scientists warned that pressure building beneath its dome could trigger the most powerful eruption in years. Up to 20 people were injured by hot ash spewed from Mount Merapi, said an AP reporter who witnessed them being taken away for treatment.