Saturday, October 16, 2010

Passing Thoughts

It would seem that metaphysical people are confused about what being spiritual means. Long ago in another program, it meant religion. It used to mean doing healing and energy work. But that gets boring and how much soul searching can one do? How many chakras can you spin? How many times can you review your current life or seek answers from another lifetime? How many spirit guides do you need? How many books about your journey here do you want to labor over ... month after month ... year after year? How many sacred journeys can one take? If by this time you have not figured out the hologram - there is only thing to say ... keep searching. But don't complain about how bored you have become.

Wednesday on Oprah ...

    A happily married couple in their 30's, talked about sleeping in separate bedrooms. They mentioned some of the reasons people should sleep apart if it works for them which included different schedules and patterns of sleep behavior. Their sexual relationship seemed to fall within the norm. Further, they like to cuddle in bed. Not mentioned was the difficulties of sleeping with someone who snores, talks in their sleep, is a restless sleeper, likes to read in bed when their partner needs to get their sleep, the number of hours of sleep each partner needs, and more. Also mentioned was that by 2015, 60% of new homes will be built with 2 master bedrooms. I believe ... sex is sex but sleeping is sleeping ... both important and needed by each partner. Many couples wait until sex is over to move to separate bedrooms. Why? Many people need the intimacy of feeling their partner in bed, which is okay if both partners agree, if not, tensions will rise, especially if one partner wants to cuddle without sex, and the other partner wants/need sex, especially after cuddling.

Kari in Alaska sends her dream ... which happened while I was awake in Brooklyn, more proof of the soul multitasking ...

    I had a really neat dream about you just before waking this morning. We were sitting together, very closely. (Not sure why) I looked into your eyes for a second and noticed a light coming from inside. It was like when you shine a light in an animal's eyes at night. I was captivated by what I saw, but when I moved closer to you to examine your eyes more closely, the left side of your face suddenly turned into that of a black wolf. I got the distinct feeling that you were attempting to *scare me off* from looking any further, but this didn't deter me. In fact, I was amused by it, like when my dogs growl at me to tell me they are irritated, but I know they really won't hurt me. So I continued to look down into your eyes as far as I could see. The light was like looking at the sun and had a slight hint of gold/yellowish reflective color about it. Surrounding the circle of light was something that appeared mechanical, like a star gate of some sort. I was so intrigued!! I could see down into your body as if it were a hollow vessel FILLED with the brightest light I had ever seen! And then, after I was satisfied that I had seen all there was to see, I woke up feeling very happy. :-) Anyway, it was neat to see you! I hope you are well and enjoying the fall.

From Twitter Trends ...

I love this image. Enjoy your weekend.

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