Friday, October 1, 2010


At last October has arrived. It has been an awful hot summer in so many areas, not to mention severe weather conditions, highlighted with storms and flooding. In the city we often wonder if there will be an autumn season ... or will we just go into winter. The leaves on the trees in my area, have not changed color or started to fall. Flowers continue to bloom and life seems surreal to many who question, "What is going on?" Most people know the answer defining it with their own sense of interpretation.

As to this weekend - lots of clients here over the next few days, then there's sports to look forward to, if you enjoy baseball and football. Enjoy your weekend. Sports Illustrated

In one final Crystalinks change - we are moving to a the latest state-of-the-art server. Trae writes:

I'm going to transfer files over Friday afternoon, then I'll point things to the new server. Nothing will go down, it will just be that same circumstance where either you see the old one or the new one. Once I move the files I'll put a little bit of text at the very bottom of the main page that says, "Site 2.0". When you load your main page if you see that then you will know you are looking at the new server instead of the old one. It could take a day or two.

Once that's done, I'll switch the registry. That will cause the site to go down, hopefully for only a couple of hours, just depends on how fast things update. I want to do the first step because it means less overall down time. Do whatever updates you want Friday morning ... then don't update again until you see that "site 2.0" on the main

Message from Crop Circle Researcher Colin Andrews

Hi friend Ellie,

I don't need to tell you that we have reached THAT MOMENT and everyone feels it. I am currently leaving for Arizona to join Steve Greer at the Rio Rico event to present data that I am very confident is finally firm enough to go public with. From there I am going to Malta for another International conference, then back home again to Connecticut, after which I will present the data at a Madison, CT. venue on Sunday October 17, 2010 at 3:00pm (donation $10). I wanted you to know that this presentation is likely to be my last on the east coast. I would greatly value any circulation you might be able to give. Even better if you wished to come up from NY, I would love to see you again.

Soooo much happening as you know.

With love and respect as always.