Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spiritual Warriors

To fight the battles that entrap you in the emotional games of physical reality, is to be a spiritual warrior. Most adults are fractured souls after years, and incarnations, in the loops of time and consciousness. They have forgotten, or are programmed to forget.

Their spiritual mantra on the way becoming empowered, is 'healing issues and raising consciousness,' resulting from what others have done to them and what they have done to others in the cycles of time. They wish to master their fate and align with higher light, knowing time grows short and they must soon return to their true essence.

They will move beyond the physical realm,

where reality is merely a board game.

Life is about regaining your personal power by not allowing the illusion to take it away. To be a spiritual warrior is to bring balance to yourself and hopefully to others you meet. It is about not believing everything others tell you that has worked in their reality, but finding your own truth. It is about listening to your inner voice, higher guidance, your soul. It is then you regain your personal power and identity. You become the spiritual warrior who has broken free.

We are all spiritual warriors fighting the duality of 'good vs. evil' in a game created by electromagnetic energies. The spiritual warrior within you needs to attack that which holds you back, especially mental and physical illness, that which self-sabotages your inner essence - overeating, substance abuse, addictions, anything that keeps your spiritual warrior imprisoned.

When your genetic code allows you to suddenly awaken and realize that reality is a holographic program set in linear time, you will understand and regain your powers becoming the spiritual warrior you know exists within.