Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is the Universe a Hologram?

I have always aligned with the theory of the Holographic Universe - Reality as a hologram in which we experience then return to light and consciousness. The Universe is a University and we are part of a bio-genetic experiment in linear time and emotions - a science experiment if you will. Thursday we find this story that may prove something or nothing. At the very least, the idea of reality as a hologram is in the grid consciousness of our evolving experiment.

Holometer experiment to test if the universe is a hologram   PhysOrg - October 28, 2010

Many ideas in theoretical physics involve extra dimensions, but the possibility that the universe has only two dimensions could also have surprising implications. The idea is that space on the ultra-small Planck scale is two-dimensional, and the third dimension is inextricably linked with time. If this is the case, then our three-dimensional universe is nothing more than a hologram of a two-dimensional universe.

This idea of the holographic universe is not new, but physicists at Fermilab are now designing an experiment to test the idea. Fermilab particle astrophysicist Craig Hogan and others are building a holographic interferometer, or holometer, in an attempt to detect the noise inherent in spacetime, which would reveal the ultimate maximum frequency limit imposed by nature. As Hogan explains in a recent issue of Fermilab's symmetry magazine, the holometer will be the most sensitive measurement ever made of spacetime itself. Hogan and others have already built a one-meter-long prototype of the instrument. They have just begun building the entire 40-meter-long holometer and plan to start collecting data next year.

The Passing of Zecharia Sitchin

Read about author, researcher, lecture, historian and scholar Zecharia Sitchin. It's all about Sumerian Gods who came to Earth in the beginning and created a biogenetic program ...

    Hello Ellie, It's Les Tindell. You were able to set up a meeting between Zecharia Sitchin and myself in Sedona, in 1998. It was at that time that I recall meeting the most spiritual and generous man I had ever met. The encounter took place over lunch. He invited me to accompany him and his wife Freida that day at the Red Rock Inn, Sedona, Az. Though Mr. Sitchin had never seen petro photoglyphs (photo scribed stones), he was quite interested. As I recall, he examined the artifacts I brought with greater interest than anyone else who has ever seen them. There was a planetary alignment that evening...Venus, Mars, incredibly spectacular celestial event. Blessings to his memory and his contributions to human understanding...and thank you kindly for making our encounter possible.

From Halloween to the Day of the Dead to Election Day

Do you think California will legalize recreational marijuana?

This weekend we move from Halloween to Election Day and wonder ... which (witch) of the two are more scary and deceitful? Mid-term elections allow us to consider - who do we elect - the people who got us into this mess or those who can't get out? Will shifting control back to the Republican Party really help ... that's doubtful. Other than time itself ... which is running out ... can anything return us to the old ways, that were also based on lies?

We don't have a ghost of a chance! Boo! -- Boo Hoo! -- Boo Who?

The Mad Hatter "Tea Party"

When Alice Fell Down the Rabbit Hole into Physical Reality

What political party do you prefer?

The Mad Hatter is consciousness ... bipolar when in the physical games.

The "White" Rabbit marks Time ... tick tock - Time to wake up from the dream!

Metaphors: Pocketwatch, Horns, Hearts, Scroll, Grids, Man's Hand

It's all a game ... an illusion.

The 2010, Alice in Wonderland Playbill and Tea Party

Like Alice in Wonderland, a bored little girl from Wasilla (played by Sara Palin) has gone looking for adventure chasing a white rabbit (played by John McCain) who is running late in his presidential campaign. She follows him down a Christian rabbit hole where she encounters a tea party being thrown for Obama¹s Happy Un-Birthday. The oratory is preformed by a lunatic fringe of Mad Hatters with questionable sanity and attended by an assemblage of March Hares preformed by the (Tea Bagger Repertory Company). The event is orchestrated by a suspect cluster of corporations who like the Queen of Harts are foul-tempered monarchs. Sara drinks a tea bag elixir that says Drink Me and shrinks small enough to fit through the narrow-minded door that leads to the republican garden. She encounters some Hookah Smoking Conservatives who convince her that she should run in 2012. After eating some right wing cake at the Tea Party marked Eat Me she grows to enormous stature within the tea party movement. The play closes with exaltations by the Foxes at News Corp. with Rush Limbaugh giving her a complementary radio rant and then the play reaches a crescendo with the collapse of The Republican Party. Those Tea Baggers left on stage are not called back for an encore because the audience has moved on to a better show staged by another group of so called serious players.

What the heck The Show Must Go On ... and on