Friday, June 10, 2011

Ellie Speak ...

Generally by Friday I have archived posts from the early part of the week, but this week's highlights seem to move like a never-ending run-on sentence intertwined within.

Astrology and Astronomy -- The current eclipse cycle started June 1 and continues through July 4th weekend ... then continues on until reality ends. It will dredge everything up for resolution.

Eclipse speak - much more to come.

The Sun - CME's which had to present themselves in a major way now - will continue to disrupt things on the planet.

Sun speak - much more to come from the Lion.

The volcanic eruptions in Chile sent ash across many parts of South America affecting the lives, health, travel plans, and businesses of millions of people.

Volcano speak - much more to come.

UFO's ... Did you forget about underground bases? As the tectonic plates break, ships will surface.

UFO speak - much more to come.

Personal Stuff ... You've read this before - heard it at workshops and wherever ... but here it comes again .... Everything that needs to be revisited and cleared will surface like a UFO. The Messengers will come in all shapes and sizes.

Power Speak - much more to come.

Political Systems are falling one way or another. Why? Because they don't work and most people prefer to play. What could be funnier than a US Congressman named Weiner, having his weiner show up on Twitter, then circulate on the internet. Everyone has an opinion on the future of his career and marriage. We all know men of money and power like to play ... they say it takes the edge off the pressures of the job. (giggle) And look who he is taking advice from - Bill Clinton. Most of us know little (not so little) or nothing about Congressman Weiner. Why does this story remain so hot? It's all about sex and pushes the buttons of those who enjoy sexting, and those who wish they had the balls to do it.

Sex speak - much more to 'come'.

The age is about healthy eating and fitness - but drugging and drinking are increasing. You can try to heal and help the world to heal and help yourself - but you could easily sink along with the people you are trying to help. Things are moving too quickly now to take on anyone's issues. Never forget, when someone is programmed to heal, they'll do it themselves.

Health Speak - much more to come.