Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reality Check

As of this date

    all areas will be affected by Earth changes, anomalous weather patterns, temporal anomalies, fractures in the grids

    in 2012 the US will NOT find a Presidential candidate who can fix things as they can't be fixed

    the economy will not get better as it can never return to the way it was

    the troops will not come home

    health care for all will not happen in the US

    housing for all will not happen in the US

    government and media will continue to hide the truth

    UFOs with alien interaction, will not happen, but dissemination of information continues

    end-time theories, predictions, dreams, prophecies, fears, and more, will accelerate

    ON-OFF brain mechanisms are being affected by electromagnetic fields which affect brain chemistry

    people become more .... psychic, confused, worn out, disconnected, addicted

June 26, 1970

Sean Hayes

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Sean Hayes is an American actor and comedian best known for his

role in Will & Grace, for which he won many awards. Filmography

I feel like I've contributed monumentally to

the success of the gay movement in America.

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Sunday in the city -- It's a perfect day for the Gay Pride Parade and other festivities around town that continue most of the day. I'm happy to see gay marriage legal in NY but have to wonder about the duality of life and the issues that go along with marriage. Just as in the straight world, living together means one thing and marriage another. Will divorce lawyers who make a fortune in the straight world, soon have a new revenue stream? It's all part of the games of humanity trying to figure out how to survive here with some degree of balance.

My friend Rick has a new Sci-Fi Thriller

featuring Lesbian and Gay Heroes

coming out mid-week at Amazon.

Gordion's Knot

Leire Sanchez, a lesbian, Basque freedom fighter, battles her way through a nuclear winter in the American Southwest. She is sworn to recover the frozen remains of her people's sacred goddess, Mira, stolen first by the Spanish government, then the Germans, and now by an American DARPA agent. Her target is the Texas A&M University laboratory where Dr. David Gordion, a world renowned climatologist, is dying of cancer while on the verge of reversing a nuclear winter created after India destroys Pakistan. He is supported and protected by DARPA agent, James Allen, who is the former lover of Dr. Gordion's gay brother, Phillip. Sanchez and Allen are both fighting against time and determined, powerful enemies - foes that want to see Dr. Gordion fail and the goddess Mira¹s ancient powers turned into a tool for world domination.