Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's Steve Jobs Up To?

It's all in the cloud ... the next step.

The PC (As We Know It) Is Dead   Live Science - June 9, 2011

The rapid rise of cloud computing, coupled with a slew of increasingly powerful mobile computing devices, is killing the PC faster than analysts had predicted. In fact, some now say, the desktop PC is essentially dead - an immobile zombie that's already irrelevant to many consumers and soon will be to businesses, too. The announcement of Apple's iCloud, which will store content online and synch all of a user's Apple devices wirelessly, is the latest in a series of nails being hammered into the PC coffin.

  Mammoth Apple 'spaceship' HQ to land in Cupertino, CA.   MSNBC - June 8, 2011

Steve Jobs has unveiled plans for a spanking new Apple campus in Cupertino, CA, which will hold 12,000 employees in a single building shaped like a spaceship. The Apple CEO shared his proposal for the sprawling 150-acre campus with the Cupertino City Council on Tuesday evening, and didn't mince his words: "It looks a little like a spaceship landed." They hope to break ground by next year, and move in by 2015.

Ongoing coronal mass ejections (CMEs) reach Earth effecting planetary magnetics, shifting ocean and jet stream currents in the Pacific Ring of Fire, creating unusual and extreme global weather patterns, creating unstoppable Earth changes, and affecting the behavior patterns of all sentient life forms.

Sun Cycles - Solar Max - Sun Cycle 24 - Sunspots and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations

  Solar Flare Erupts, Creating Spectacular Images   FOX - June 8, 2011

A solar blast that NASA classified as an M-2 explosion has erupted from the sun in an impressive display captured by the space agency's cameras. In the amazing blast, a large cloud of charged magnetic particles mushroomed up out of the sun and fell back down, appearing to cover almost half of the solar surface.
Scientists said that the event won't have a significant impact on Earth, although it will deliver a "glancing blow" to the planet's magnetic field late June 8 or June 9, NASA said.

Anthony Weiner's Cock Shot Emerges

Weiner Exposed