Monday, June 27, 2011


Sunday night on Leverage they used the term Robo-signing, so I decided to investigate what it means. Robo-signing is a term used by consumer advocates to describe the robotic process of the mass production of false and forged execution of mortgage assignments, satisfactions, affidavits and other legal documents related to mortgage foreclosures and legal matters being created by persons without knowledge of the facts being attested to. It also includes accusations of notary fraud wherein the notaries pre and/or post notarize the affidavits and signatures of so-called robo-signers.

  CNN: Sheriff takes on banks over robo-signing   Google Videos

  'Robo-Signing' Paperwork Breakdown Leaves Many Houses in Foreclosure Limbo   Google Videos

Foreclosures in 23 states have been halted by major banks after allegations surfaced of illegal practices. Jeffrey Brown talks to the president of the Center for Responsible Lending and a Columbia economics professor for more.

Greek Debt Crisis

This has to find some sort of solution.

The economy destiny of Greece

Sarkozy Confirms Greek Debt Deal With French Banks   CNBC - June 27, 2011

French banks, among the most exposed to the Greek debt crisis, have reached an outline agreement to roll over holdings of maturing Greek bonds, part of a wider European plan to avoid sovereign default.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 9° Cancer

Eclipses bring abrupt changes.

New moons signify a new cycle, new beginnings, rebirth