Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Memos

How are the eclipse energies working for you? It all has to do with your astrology chart. I feel no change, but that's what my chart shows.

In case you're interested ... June 14 is US Flag Day.

Many animals (pets included) are crossing over now. Animals are also getting tired of physical reality. They know ...

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark finally debuts on Broadway tonight after many accidents and delays you probably read about. "Spider-Man" 2.0 Opens Tonight on Broadway   NBC - June 14, 2011

Monday night on "Sanctuary" was about discovering the illusion, and just as I always suspected, the only way out is when you cease to exist here ... when the program closes.

I watched President Obama on the Today show. His focus remains with the economy and I can see his belief that it can be fixed and full time jobs created. What else is one to conclude if they believe this to be the true reality? How can Congress agree if the old system can't be fixed? I had to wonder if Obama realizes how burned out souls are and how many won't be able to work again for emotional reasons - especially after having time at home to rethink their priorities.

Obama's comment on Anthony Weiner ... Obama said he would step down if it was him. I agree. But in the age of self-help, one goes to therapy to heal. Right? It always works? Their programming is changed after a few weeks? I loved this article from the Washington Times - Weiner's refuge in the Age of Therapy   June 14, 2011

    You've got to admire the savvy of Anthony Weiner, if not the weenie himself. Not for his photographic skills, but for his insights into the national psyche. Taking leave of the House and entering "rehabilitation," whatever that may mean, he skillfully takes refuge in the pretensions of the Therapeutic Society. Who among us, certainly who among the "progressives" (as the liberals now call themselves) can think ill of a man in therapy? We cheerfully assist drunks, junkies and perverts. It's not yet clear whether his rehabilitation is about photography - correct f-stops and shutter speeds - or about something else. He could use a little work on focusing. Digital cameras can pretty much take care of everything else.