Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Memos


    Gabby Giffords' amazing recovery continues. She looks great in her latest photos. Keep up the good work.

    As to Anthony Weiner, I'd prefer to let that story drop as the man obviously has sexual and ego issues, and needs professional help. The eclipse this month doesn't help him. It was fun last week ... but I'm over it ... the story that is ... though the jokes don't stop coming. Weiner continues to stand firm about resigning/resining with more photos surfacing where he's holding his crotch. Congress returns to work; Weiner goes to treatment   AP - June 13, 2011

Monday birthdays:

    Happy birthday if today is your day. I like to wish my friends on Facebook a Happy Birthday when their names pop up each day. I also look at their personal information if we are not close friends. As always I tend to look for patterns and found a curious one today. Of my 3,000+ friends (and rapidly growing) - all 5 with birthdays today practice Mediumship. They don't know each other as far as I know, or live near each other. So I have to wonder ... is Mediumship the focus of the psychic world today? Are more people, who never would have suspected they could talk to the other side, now able to connect and receive messages? Is this all about receiving The Big Message when the simulation ends? Maybe that's what guided me to updated my Channeling file last week. The Mediums I know, as well as myself, all find faster moving frequency is conducive to dialoguing with spirits or whomever. It also allows one to see beyond the illusion. Nothing seems real anymore. Maybe it's not about healing others to heal yourself, but more about becoming more psychic which empowers the grid while we're still here, allowing others to be more psychic. Whatever ... just stuff and busy work. Your real birthday happens when this reality ends. Close your eyes ... visualize one white candle ... what you see?

Syfy -- Sanctuary Fans:

    Tonight Helen and Will are placed in simulation chambers. How do they figure out the truth and wake up? It's all a Syfy adventure at 10pm. Check it out.

How about you ... reality, sci-fi, and connecting with higher frequency? Are you getting better at it? We are in an eclipse window (6/12 - 6/18) ... and things will rock. If you still don't understand program closure ... maybe these energies will help.


    For the last 6 weeks the Dow has been dropping. We wait and watch as some say it will go back up and others see it continuing to slide. Does any of that matter? Does this really represent a recovering system that will function, as if it ever did? The same issues remain as some people see recovery and others see something new emerging. The government is too divided - not happening.

    World stocks hit 12-week low on growth jitters   Reuters - June 13, 2011 World stocks touched a 12-week low on Monday as Chinese data highlighted concerns about weaker global growth, prompting investors to unwind positions in higher-risk assets and buy top-rated government bonds.

    NZ stocks fall on quake - Market Closes - June 13, 2011 New Zealand stocks fell to their lowest level in almost two months after Christchurch was struck by a swarm of fresh earthquakes and amid fears the global economic recovery is faltering.

Earth Changes:

    US: record flooding in some areas and record breaking wildfires in another ... weird weather ... solar max starting with epoch surprises ... and tectonic plates everywhere on the move. Close your eyes.... what do you see? You might just see 'nothing'. (grin)

    New Zealand (in the Pacific Ring of Fire) ... 6.0 earthquake + 3 aftershocks

    Powerful quakes again hit New Zealand's Christchurch   Reuters - June 13, 2011 A series of powerful tremors rattled the quake-prone New Zealand city of Christchurch on Monday, destroying buildings and sending boulders tumbling down hillsides nearly four months after a quake killed 181 people.

1991 Mount Pinatubo Eruption and Eruptions Today

20 years ago in the Philippines -- Mount Pinatubo erupted. This story can give you a good idea of the changes one volcano can bring as now so many have become active. Just when you were busy with your own life and forgot about Chile and the damaged it created last week across South America ... comes this updated story on . FYI - It all starts with earthquakes and the movement of the tectonic plates. It's not over. It's just heating.

  Flights in Australia grounded for second day due to ash   BBC - June 13, 2011

Volcanic ash from Chile has disrupted air travel in Australia and New Zealand for a second day. Airlines including Qantas, Jetstar and Tiger suspended their flights to and from various parts of the region. Strong winds have carried ash particles from Chile's Puyehue volcano to southern New Zealand and Australia. Air travel in South America also continues to be disrupted, with flights in and out of the Argentine and Uruguayan capitals cancelled. [See Photos of Volcano]

June 15, 1991

Mount Pinatubo's Climatic Eruption

  Mount Pinatubo Erupts June 1991 Google Videos

Pinatubo Flashback, June 11, 1991: Before the Storm   Live Science - June 12, 2011

Mount Pinatubo's eruption produced the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century and the largest eruption in living memory. The effects of the eruption were felt worldwide. Pinatubo ejected roughly 10 billion metric tonnes (10 cubic kilometres) of magma, and 20 million tons of SO2, bringing vast quantities of minerals and metals to the surface environment. It injected large amounts of aerosol into the stratosphere - more than any eruption since that of Krakatoa in 1883. Over the following months, the aerosols formed a global layer of sulfuric acid haze. Global temperatures dropped by about 0.5° C (0.9° F), and ozone depletion temporarily increased substantially.