Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Solar Eclipse 9° Cancer

July 1, 2011

Eclipses bring abrupt changes.

New moons signify a new cycle, beginnings, rebirth

In these energies, Sherif wrote to me from Cairo, Egypt where he has been for the past two months. He has been asked to help the interim government find focus. The window for the work opened just as his email arrived today - Tuesday June 28 - and remains through July 5 which is similar to the eclipse energies. Sherif is part of my work here - his birthday 7/7. Once again he and I are experiencing similar energies - he is at the start of the program in Egypt ... while Ellie is at the end. He returns 7/8. From where he is, I can easily connect to him energetically.

As with all governments and businesses around the world, nothing works and can't be fixed. Monday, I blogged about Robo-signing, and since then, corporate people tell me they do it all the time as they don't have enough staff and hours in the day to read and evaluate everything that is expected of them before signing it. The infrastructure of everything is collapsing. I know there are people out there who are doing very well - let's hope they can hold on until the end.

About 5,000 years ago, the helical rising of Sirius occurred around June 25. When the Egyptians saw Sirius rising just before the Sun they knew it would soon be time for the flooding, or inundation of the Nile River, around which all Egyptian life was woven. They depended upon the flooding of the Nile for the fertility of their lands. Today the flooding of the Nile is celebrated for two weeks starting August 15, and is known as Wafaa El-Nil.

Isis was the Creator, Priestess and Teacher of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School teachings about reality as a hologram.

From Priestess to Princess

Princess Diana would have turned 50 on 1 July 2011.

July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997

Diana, Princess of Wales

  Diana, Princess of Wales Google Videos

Diana, Princess of Wales, was a popular international media icon of the late 20th century

as the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, whom she married on July 29, 1981.

I lead from the heart. Someone's got to go out there and love people. Do what your heart tells you.

Diana, Princess of Wales Quotes 1

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Princess Diana, a divorced Mom, often traveled with her sons.

Prince William and his wife Kate will arrive in Ottawa on Canada Day July 1.

This is part of an 11 day official tour to Canada and the United States.

William and Kate's mystique rooted in Diana's legacy, experts say  

Winnipeg Free Press - June 28, 2011

When Divorced Dads Take the Kids on Summer Vacation

"I'm going to grow up and be a Princess."

School's out and with that divorced dads get to take their kids away on vacation, or in some cases for most of the summer.

So where does that leave divorced moms?! Based on the women I have been reading .... FREE at last, at least for a while. Moms come here and talk about their Time Out Alone, savoring every moment. Stress is taking its toll on humanity and moms need a break and someone to talk to. Speaking of talking ... most moms know they can keep in touch with their children by cell phone.

What do moms want to do? Of course that goes to budget, but it can be as simple as relaxing alone, getting some sleep, being in nature, meditating, catching up on their lives, work on themselves, socializing with friends, traveling, finding something that makes sense to them, or doing something crazy they would never do when the kids are around. It's about freedom and fun and maybe finding a lover.

One more thing ... as far as moms go and the closing of the program ... some get it ... others don't ... but all recognize the world is going crazy and it's all going somewhere.

10 Tips For Dads Traveling Solo With Kids This Summer