Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Word on the Street

5:00pm - Yesterday ... Just came back from errands... There's a tornado alert in the Tri-state area till 6pm and the word is spreading. The next most popular topic everywhere is the economy ... and then there are the new girls in the neighborhood - twins born in Gemini.

9 Falcon Peregrine Chicks Born Atop 3 NYC Bridges   NBC - June 1, 2011

Two white girls were born on top of the 693-foot Brooklyn tower on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. They were named Rose and Sunset, in honor of Staten Island¹s Rosebank neighborhood and Sunset Park in Brooklyn, respectively.

    The falcon is a symbol of liberty, freedom, and victory, therefore, it also symbolizes hope to all those who are in bondage whether moral, emotional, or spiritual. In Egyptian mythology the falcon is Horus the god of the sky, sun and moon. We are now in the energies of a New Moon Solar Eclipse. Egypt - The Eclipse of Consciousness The Eye of Horus takes us to the mighty dollar bill. Rose is the nickname for the bloodline in the story of humanity and of course sunset is the end. Welcome to the neighborhood girls. There are 9 birds - endings. Bridges connect realities. White -> moving into light frequency.

    Egyptian Theories about an Eclipse

    The Sun god Atum is the eclipsed Sun passing the second contact of a total eclipse.

    Ra is the eclipsed Sun shining past the third contact as the Diamond Ring Effect (sacred geometry).

    The Scarab Khepri was a representation of the dark New Moon.

    Horus the Hawk is the Sun in totality.

    The Great Sphinx was the Egyptian Lord of Solar Eclipses.

    Hathor was the Egyptian Goddess of Solar Eclipses.

    Pyramid Texts: "The eclipse represents the breaking of the Egg and Splitting the Iron." The iron is the rod, the magnetic poles, north/south, duality of experience created by electromagnetic energy, the aura, needed to create a physical reality and the illusion of linear time. The Two 'Diamond Ring Effects' crowned the eclipsed shadow on the head of Re.

Expert: NYC, San Diego overdue for hurricanes   MSNBC - June 1, 2011

I had an ulterior motive in assembling this new list of cities. I was hoping they'd send me to each one to do thorough research on their hurricane history, because they are among the most desirable places to visit or reside in the United States.

Recovery at risk as jobs and housing stumble   MSNBC - June 1, 2011

Manufacturing is also showing signs of developing cracks. The ongoing economic recovery is in trouble. Following a report Tuesday that home prices have now tumbled further from their peak than during the Great Depression, there was evidence Wednesday that the economic rebound from the worst recession since World War II may be sputtering.