Friday, April 20, 2012

As the world turns ...

I have lots to do the next few days with friends, family, and clients. Thursday, late afternoon, I found it funny that I received 3 phone calls in a row from 3 different airports around the world, as people on were on their way to my local area. One was from Nikki and family on their way home from a vacation in South Carolina, another from a friend returning from Phoenix, and the final one from a client arriving last night from London confirming our reading this weekend.

On the backside of Crystalinks, I am diligently reviewing the files, noting that old files have totally lost relevance in today's world, not reflecting where we are going, just more myths in the story of humanity. Today, I will finish Sacred Places and Texts. The common denominators remain Ancient Aliens and Sacred Geometry.

We are in the energies of a new moon in Taurus, if you connect and want to search the Internet about what that might mean to you. I stopped posting links to astrology websites as they are too general and always talk about letting go and moving on. In a new or full moon, some people meditate, while others like nature in the spring time to feel at peace and find a way to make a difference for self and others. We all anticipate The Next, which feels close at hand.

People will talk to you about politics, their lives, and many other timely topics. You will pay attention, or at least politely pretend to listen, and then move on.

If you've found romance or just a fun lover ... ENJOY !

Springtime brings changes and decision making (April, May, June) - sometimes not what you expected. People will buy and sell homes. Jobs and careers will change. School will end. Go with the flow. Remember who you are and why you are here ... experience in the realms of creation .... Have fun this weekend.