Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Memos

As I reached the end of the Egyptian Dynasties, they merged into the Persian Empire which is Zoroaster territory. Well there I was again looking at terrible set of files in dire need of updating after 13 years. More to the point, I blog about Z all the time. Would you believe I had many files about Z but nothing about Zoroastrianism? How could that have happened? On a raining day in Brooklyn, as clients came and went, I created several new files and am still updating the old ones. I love doing this and learning about history while realizing alien influences and intervention. The Achaemenid Empire was fascinating. You had to be there. On to the next Empire tomorrow (there's only 3). When I think about all the time I wasted blogging about issues, when all the while people do what they want, when they want, or should I say follow their programming. FYI - the clients were not familiar with me nor my work, but already knew the program is ending ... just mainstream folk who know this is an illusion. Life is good...

Ancient Alien Theory

Zoroaster as Anu ... or maybe he was Enki ... I forget ..

Sumerian Gods (Anunnaki) Create the Human Race

Sumerian god Anu is depicted much like the Faravahar

According to Ancient Alien Theory

Ahura Madza (Faravahar) was an alien protector of Earth

His symbols include the lion, wings, flame, and crown.

I also stumbled across this old image