Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, the 13th

I created and updated many files this week - all posted above. In case you missed it, the planet shook on Wednesday and Thursday as once again we recognize these events are precursors to closure - shake-up wake-up calls. Should you run and hide? No need. Should you prepare? It doesn't really matter, but readiness with essentials can't hurt in a changing climate. Friends on Facebook said they are doing light work to save the planet. Not happening. The hologram is ending. Get out this weekend and have some fun.

About Friday the 13th

13 is a Fibonacci Number

Interesting Facts About Number 13

Mayan Long Count Calendar reads: on December 21, 2012

13 Facts About Friday the 13th

13 Common (But Silly) Superstitions

13 = 4

Swastika Movement of Consciousness

Hitler's birthday is next Friday, April 20.

The Shutter Closed

Wake-up visual Friday morning - a black shutter closing.

Who was Leonard da Vinci?

Ancient Aliens episode from Friday April 6th - The Da Vinci Conspiracy (Watch the video).

Da Vinci's Annunciation - Archangel Gabriel tells Virgin Mary she will conceive Jesus Christ.

Under x-rays, Gabriel disappears. How cool is that !

I loved the mechanical robot he built in the shape of a lion - very metaphoric in our lion's tale - with his name being Leo-nardo.

Where did Leonardo go when he disappeared for two years? Did he go through a portal? Time travel? or did he just want to get away from humanity as many of us want to do from time to time?

There are several conclusions you can draw -- Leonardo connected with aliens. He was a hybrid sent in to seed the world in science and math. His mind worked differently than others, enabling him to see things in ways others do not. If you watch the video, you will know who he was and why he was here. Look careful at his heavy eyelids.