Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh no! It's Popo!

April 17, 2012

Over in Quetzalcoatl land ...

The weather is almost as surreal as a simulation with record highs and lows - totally confusing the forces of nature. Overnight the trees in the park outside bloomed, yet something feels off. Monday was hot and humid in the city, with temperatures in the 80's. Let's see what comes next.

    Why the East Coast Is Seeing Summer in Spring   Discovery - April 17, 2012 The configuration of the jet stream, a band of high-altitude westerly winds, is responsible, and this year, it is directing colder air and storm systems into the West Coast while allowing high pressure and warmer temperatures to prevail in the East, he said.

The city is buzzing - the Tribecca Film Festival starting tomorrow. Do you find that the things that used to excite you in the past, have changed, as if they have had their day, and now lack something - sort of like a relationship that is played out, but you cling to it if there is nothing better going on?

    Speaking of relationship - it's spring and the quest to date and mate is on full swing. Some people are causal about sex, while others tell me they hope to find The One. Good luck with all of it. The next episode in your life is about to begin, so sit back and watch it unfold.