Monday, April 23, 2012

End Time Anxiety Dreams

Most people work on their issues when they dream as a coping mechanism. Sometimes they wake up with clarity, but more often than not, especially when fear is involved, people wake up feeling anxious, some thinking they are having a heart attack.

Now, we move to a different type of anxiety dream that others have told me about far too often in recent weeks - the End Time Dream - where events are experienced linked to the end of the program. Sometimes, the events are blatantly obvious in the dream, while other times they are symbolic, all the while scaring my clients, who come running for answers. I believe one should explore physical cause before metaphysical symbology.

End Time Anxiety Dreams are on the increase as grids collide and consciousness increases. This goes along with a knowing that ET intervention in the human drama is about to be revealed, not by the governments of the world, but by ETs.

Then, there's the End Time Anxiety Dreams by clients and others who live in the Pacific Ring of Fire. These are mostly tsunami dreams, and they too are on the increase.

Have you had an End Time Anxiety Dream?

Scrying the Carina Nebula

DNA in the Sky
  NASA - April 23, 2012

No, they are not alive -- but they are dying. The unusual blobs found in the Carina nebula, some of which are seen floating on the upper right, might best be described as evaporating. Energetic light and winds from nearby stars are breaking apart the dark dust grains that make the iconic forms opaque. Ironically the blobs, otherwise known as dark molecular clouds, frequently create in their midst the very stars that later destroy them. The floating space mountains pictured above by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope span a few light months. The Great Nebula in Carina itself spans about 30 light years, lies about 7,500 light years away, and can be seen with a small telescope toward the constellation of Keel (Carina).

The Missing Matter is Missing
  Thunderbolts - April 23, 2012

The missing matter that has to be there to account for the fast rotation of the Milky Way's arms is missing. Recent measurements of the velocities of stars within 13,000 light-years of the Sun have allowed astronomers to calculate the total mass of the matter in that volume. The amount of mass that we derive matches very well with what we see - stars, dust and gas - in the region around the Sun. The blue halo of material surrounding the galaxy indicates the expected distribution of the mysterious dark matter, which was first introduced by astronomers to explain the rotation properties of the galaxy and is now also an essential ingredient in current theories of the formation and evolution of galaxies. New measurements show that the amount of dark matter in a large region around the Sun is far smaller than predicted and have indicated that there is no significant dark matter at all in our neighborhood.

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It's about the missing matter

April 24, 1990

Hubble Telescope is launched Wikipedia

  Hubble Telescope Google Videos

The great spirals ... apparently lie outside our stellar system.

Edwin Hubble Quotes

April 24, 1964

Lonnie Zamora

Images and Photos

  Lonnie Zamora Google Videos

Lonnie Zamora was a New Mexico police officer who reported a close encounter of the first, second and third kinds on Friday, April 24, 1964, near Socorro, New Mexico. Zamora's account received considerable coverage in the mass media, and is sometimes regarded as one of the best documented, yet most perplexing UFO reports.

Harold sent a link to a UFO conference this weekend.
I'm going to call friends in Pine Bush to find out more.

Pine Bush UFO Festival 2012