Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Memos

My Mac Pro seems to be performing better today, if that's possible. Disc Utility showed no signs of trouble this morning, so perhaps Darren is right - all it needs is a power management cycling and OS Lion. Can't wait till he gets here tomorrow. The reason I didn't purchase OS Lion last fall was because no one seemed to like it and told me to wait for OS X Mountain Lion this summer, but I guess I have to update now -> then again in the summer. I like to throw out the Old and buy New, but Darren says my Mac is fine as he works it through Mobile Me, a product that goes the way of the dinosaur next month as we move to the iCloud. Is Ellie keeping up? I try.

If this wasn't 2012, I definitely would have bought a new Mac Pro last fall and given this one to my grandsons, but for now, if Darren gets it up and running well, I'll be happy. It's a really fast machine with a turbo modem -- and we just harmonize well when we work together. Mac runs Time Machine and an external hard drive called My Passport - purchased in 2011 - which George set up. I think if this had happened in the past I might have panicked, but for some reason there is a calmness, as if the work I came here to do is in place and my "behind the scenes" clean-up and file integrations -- and daily updates -- are all that remain. Something major is going to change for me soon. I can feel it, and it's not a bad thing. It's kind of exciting.

Would you believe ... my problems all started on Friday when I began my review of the Healing files. Maybe that's why Mac got so upset - it hates dealing with issues as much as I do and rebelled. Not to worry Mac, those files will be completed today.

My only concern on Saturday about not having use of my computer, was about my clients as I am reading many people overseas and they send their photos in email, which I needed to access and print. There was no problems with any of that. Today I read clients from Canada and the UK. Again, I find it interesting that clients everywhere are having End Time Dreams, even if they don't understand the hologram.

One of the crime solving TV shows I did in the recent past has aired again - so I am getting a mix of calls from law enforcement officers as well as desperate people, all of whom I talk to on the phone, but am not taking on as clients.

Alimony and child support are another major concern for clients now with shifts in the economy. Some women are not receiving payment while others are completely out of control about the amount of money they should get each month, and then we have the men who just want to 'stick it to' their ex wives. Many women are skipping alimony as that goes away if they remarry and asking for unbelievable amounts of child support which they live off of. Divorce is a bitch!

Speaking of money ... I didn't blog about the Student Loan Crisis that has been in the news and is very serious. It's a Catch 22 meaning ... you can't get a good job without college but the cost of college is not affordable to most families, especially in single parent homes. And so begins the student loan saga that could take decades after gradation to pay off. Many students want to get away from home for college - to grow up and to party - but sometimes it's best to stay at home and pay much less for a local college. But ... if you want to get into Grad School - you need to go to a good college which takes most students back to loans ad debts. Actually this is not new, but today it's being talked about because the jobs students need to pay off their debts, no longer exist in many cases. From what I hear, bankruptcy does not include student loans - they still have to be paid. It's not easy being young ... never was.

I'm reposting the banner and link from a new Crystalinks advertiser for those who want to download a free astral projection guide, just for fun on a Sunday afternoon. You can also find it on the astral projection page. I never had much luck with astral projection, but find remote viewing a piece of cake.

Today's Birthdays and Quotes

April 29, 1970

Uma Thurman

  Uma Thurman Google Videos

Uma Thurman is an award winning American actress. Filmography
2012 Films: Playing the Field -- Movie 43 -- Savages

Even, today when people tell me I'm beautiful, I do not believe a word of it.

Uma Thurman Quotes 1

Uma Thurman Quotes 2

April 29, 1958

Michelle Pfeiffer

  Michelle Pfeiffer Google Videos

Michelle Pfeiffer is an American actress. Filmography
2012 Films: Welcome to People -- Dark Shadows

Life is like a treasure map, and each little detail in it, you sort of look at it for information

and it whispers the right direction in your ear, to tell you where you need to go.

Michelle Pfeiffer Quotes 1

Michelle Pfeiffer Quotes 2

Michelle Pfeiffer Quotes 3

April 29, 1957

Daniel Day-Lewis

  Daniel Day-Lewis Google Videos

Daniel Day-Lewis is an award winning English actor.
Lincoln (2012 film) -- Filmography

I find it easier to work when it's quiet.

It allows me to listen to my inner voice and perform better.

Daniel Day-Lewis Quotes 1

Daniel Day-Lewis Quotes 2

April 29, 1984

Firass Dirani

  Firass Dirani Google Videos

Firass Dirani is an award winning Australian actor. Filmography
Killer Elite (2011 film) -- The Straits (2012 TV Series) --

If I keep choosing roles that scare the shit out of me, and I keep
challenging myself, then I'm going to keep growing and keep learning.

Firass Dirani

April 29, 1955

Kate Mulgrew

  Kate Mulgrew Google Videos

Kate Mulgrew is an award
winning American actress.
The Captains (2011 film) -- Filmography

Great writing is great writing. It's as simple as all that.
Elegance, quality, and talent are always in the literature.
I start with the word and I base everything on that.

Kate Mulgrew Quotes

April 29, 1954

Jerry Seinfeld

  Jerry Seinfeld Google Videos

Jerry Seinfeld is an American comedian, actor and writer. Filmography

A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.

Jerry Seinfeld Quotes 1

Jerry Seinfeld Quotes 2

Jerry Seinfeld Quotes 3

April 29, 1970

Andre Agassi

  Andre Agassi Google Videos

Andre Agassi is a retired American professional
tennis player and former world no. 1.

Being number two sucks.

Andre Agassi Quotes 1

Andre Agassi Quotes 2

Andre Agassi Quotes 3

April 29, 1952

David Icke

  David Icke Google Videos

David Icke is an English writer and public speaker who is into conspiracy theories. Icke was a well-known BBC television sports presenter and spokesman for the Green Party, when in 1990 he had an encounter with a psychic who told him he was a healer placed on Earth for a purpose.

We are reflections of one another, therefore I know that you are part of me and I am part of you

because we are all projections of the universal principles of creation/destruction polarities of

the same infinite consciousness that we call God.

David Icke Quotes 1

David Icke Quotes 2

April 29, 1854 - July 17, 1912

Henri Poincare

  Henri Poincare Google Videos

Henri Poincare was one of France's greatest mathematicians and theoretical physicists,
and a philosopher of science. He introduced the modern principle of relativity.

If nature were not beautiful, it would not be worth knowing.

And if nature were not worth knowing, life would not be worth living.

Henri Poincare Quotes 1

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Henri Poincare Quotes 3