Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brush Fires in Local Areas

Monday in the city was so windy, all I could think was - this is going to cause major damage. As I drove around running errands, the radio broadcasted news about car accidents everywhere. Later in the day, I read clients, then went on to find articles for Crystalinks Home Page, as I had fallen behind, posting nothing new for April, as I cleaned up groups of old files, with more to go.

This morning, I was surprised to find local news about brush fires caused by intense winds and perhaps other reasons. We are used to seeing brush fires and wild fires in other areas of the country where there is little rain, but here this seemed very surreal.

Just over the bridge, in Staten Island, several areas experienced brush fires, but nothing happened in Brooklyn, and the smoke from Staten Island did not blow in our direction. It's all part of the Earth Changes.

  Firefighters Battle Brush Fires Throughout Tri-State   NBC - April 10, 2012

Brush fires fanned by gusty winds raged throughout the tri-state on Monday, with one blaze injuring firefighters and destroying buildings as it swept through a swath of Long Island's Suffolk County. What started as two separate brush fires in Ridge and Manorville on Long Island merged into one large fire by evening, officials said. Wind gusts of up to 45 mph and dry conditions throughout the region helped spread the flames.

Dry, windy conditions fuel wildfires in East   CBS - April 10, 2012

Along the Eastern Seaboard, firefighters are battling a string of wildfires after weeks of unusually warm and dry weather. Fires are burning in nine states - from New Hampshire to Florida - where it is, ironically, "Wildfire Awareness Week." On New York's Long Island, hundreds of firefighters raced to keep flames from closing in on Brookhaven National Lab, a nuclear physics facility. The blaze swallowed up 1,000 acres, destroyed at least two homes and sent three firefighters to the hospital.

  Complete coverage: Brush fires do damage in Suffolk   Newsday - April 10, 2012

Good coverage of Long Island -- Firefighters battle a large brush fire in Ridge and Wading River. Here the fire jumps across Wading River Road.