Monday, February 25, 2013

Center Stage ...
"Spot(light) On" this week...

One can chase rainbows, and UFOs, and most of all, dreams, which today takes us to Sunday night's Oscars. I only watched the first hour live, the rest this morning. Okay ... I loved the fashions, jewelry, hair and make-up, but more than that the performances, and some of the acceptance speeches, especially that of Daniel Day Lewis who made Oscars history by becoming the first person to win the best actor prize three times.

The key words are inspiration, dedication, hard work, and most of all "timing." No matter what you do in life, it's all about being in the right place at the right time based on the program. It's like winning the lottery - it's all by the numbers.

Center stage this week is the Vatican, as the dramas continue in the sagas of religion - who created us, who's watching over us, and who's returning at the end of ACT III. Religion has inspired many manuscripts in the past, as we the audience sit back and watch what many believe is prophecy playing out. Political empires are failing/falling, economies are crumbling, while the physical planet implodes in our storyline/timeline.

What surprises does Mercury Retrograde (the Trickster/Mask of Tragedy) have in store this week? Knowing this is nothing more than scripted events should help you understand who you are and what is going to happen.

The Life of Pi won 4 awards Sunday night. In some sense, we are experiencing in the infinite series of numbers called Pi that goes on and on and on ... until one day it comes "full circle" - back to "0" and simply ceases to exist.