Thursday, February 21, 2013

Client topics, this week

It takes the experiences of my clients, as well as the world, to discover the flow of consciousness in this make-shift reality. Among the topics discussed with clients this week ...

    Analysis Paralysis: Yoga in a group is fun and you meet people of like-mind. Meditation with the same people each week becomes group therapy.

    Pulling the Trigger: Most people have a trigger event before age 20 that they will one day call upon as they seek answers beyond the hologram.

    Safety Features: The manner in which the world is changing/evolving - there is no security in anything, and often no opportunity.

    Fear: Religion, as humans have encountered and experienced it in the hologram, is about to change. People fear the unknown.

    Emotions: Even men have broken hearts when love fails.

    Doomsday Scenarios: As far back as recorded history, and perhaps since the beginning of the hologram, every society has had at least one doomsday scenario, often with a predicted date. None of the dates have been right, or maybe they have been and the program rebooted - just as some people out there believe the Dec. 21, 2012 prophecy happened but all was rebooted back into "Time". The answer is ... We are not now ... nor have ever been ... waiting for the world to end. We are waiting for the hologram to close. That is what's next.

    A Trigger a Day ... :

    Today's image from Thunderbolts is a trigger for me.