Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday Notes

Here we go with the 2013 State of the Union address where everything the president wants to fix over the next four years is spoken, and the hopes and dreams of Americans and others around the world follow. Believe what you must ...

Next, we move to comments about the pope retiring on Feb 28... Why are people surprised and many disappointed, while others are angered that he is stepping down? Do they feel abandoned by their fictitious god? Is this an end-time message that stirs their souls towards uncharted "waters"? Do they fear finding out the truth about religion?

Science and Pseudoscience ... they are merging and the turn about time and reality as illusions is being proven.

In a similar vein ... others feel abandoned by mythological gods or aliens who allegedly channel to them making false promises of returning, as we journey into love and light ... seriously? I know we all sense an alien presence here, one linked to creation, so what does that mean? It's all the same. Metaphysical philosophy is not much different than religious doctrine ... preach ... preach ... and teach. Believe what you must ...

Everything is about partying to balance the pain and challenges of reality. If you are religious and celebrating Mardi Gras this year - what does it mean to you - party time or religious connection? Are you going to follow the traditions of Lent this year beginning tomorrow on Ash Wednesday? Seriously? Does this make you closer to god or are you going to continue your experiences as per your programming?

Mardi Gras and Carnival are about the Joker who tricks us until we figure out the truth. He is symbolized by the fleur de lis (flower of life) which means reality is a practical joke though nothing about it has ever been funny. This is all myth as is religion. On a subconscious level, are religions a means of control?

Church and State ... time to come crumbling down!