Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Earthquakes, Tsunamis & Synchronicities

If you've been watching the earthquake map, you would have notice all of the growing activity in Indonesia over the past week or so. The place to watch remains Papua New Guinea and the surrounding Islands as a trigger for closure. Today we find ...

Tsunami Causes Deaths and Damages Homes on Solomon Islands   New York Times - February 6, 2013

A powerful 8.0 magnitude earthquake caused a tsunami that sent strong waves crashing into several South Pacific islands on Wednesday, with officials in the Solomon Islands saying that at least four people died. The earthquake prompted tsunami warnings and watches from several island chains to Australia and later New Zealand, but many were later canceled. The low-lying Solomon Islands, however, were not spared. At least 100 homes in the community of Lata were destroyed by a surge of water, according to World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization. Water and electricity also remain down in the township, which is the capital of the Solomon Islands' Temoto Province.

Do they look alike?

Richard III of England currently in the news

Was Richard III of England Chris Heyerdahl in a past life?

Sci fi actor Christopher Heyerdahl

On the TV series Sanctuary - Chris played opposite Amanda Tapping and had the gift of teleportation. On Stargate SG1, Chris and Amanda starred again in an episode called Revisions as scientists trying to solve the riddle of a city where the inhabitants live in a dome controlled by a computer, and are disappearing one by one every night without anyone remember they existed in the past. As the episode began, Chris had a wife. When Amanda returned from Earth, to work on the computer with Chris, the following day, she asked about his wife. Chris had no memory of a wife or other people she inquired about. In other words, every night when the people in the dome fell asleep, the computer reset everything. That is sort of what I fell is happening here since 12/21/12 (a designation not date) when this reality was reset, and continues to do so. You will notice the errors in the program as you go through your day and feel that something is just not right.

Famous explorer Thor Heyerdahl and Chris are related.

Email from Judy ...

    Tonight, I happened to check your blog just after reading about the 8.0 Santa Cruz Islands earthquake that generated a tsunami. And, I had quite the start upon visiting your blog when I saw Chris Heyerdahl's picture followed by the Richard III's reconstruction as I had read about the reconstruction yesterday AM and watched Thor Heyerdahl's documentary "Kon-Tiki" last night after which I revisited Chris's Wikipedia page because I remember having read something about a relation to Thor Heyerdahl. Hmmm, going in circles I am. (And, yes, I was always marked-down for run on sentences in school!)

    Yesterday: Richard III, Kon-Tiki, South Pacific Islands, Wikipedia - Thor Heyerdahl, Wikipedia - Chris Heyerdahl,
    Today: South Pacific Island earthquake, tsunami, Crystalinks, Chris Heyerdahl, Richard III

    Gotta love a go around!


Thor, a gray alien, is a member of the Asgard or "Fifth Race" in Stargate SG 1.

Several readers noticed a gray alien in the blue shape posted below

from Brenda's experience in the desert.

Aliens and Lucid Dream ... What's Real


On the matter of why the lights went out at the Superdome Sunday night - the first image I got was Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) from the TV series "Person of Interest" - a computer genius who can hack into anything. Though I often associated New Orleans with the occult and voodoo - those practices don't synch with our current reality - done. The blackout was technical.

Saturday, I read a client who is an artist. As we looked out at the bridge, it became a panoramic view - a 180° semi-circle. He saw it too. Was I just observing through is consciousness? Very cool!

About Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016 - haven't we had enough of politics and campaigning?! It was two long boring years with Obama and Romney and now people are out there looking for Hillary to run - at age 70. Don't people have anything better to do?