Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nashville Birthday Weekend

From the smallest experience to the greatest understanding of the workings the hologram, we define ourselves by what we consciously experience at any moment as we move through time and space, thus making us the center of our own universe with the eternal feeling that some greater destiny awaits. Today is the anniversary of the birth of Nicolaus Copernicus the first European astronomer to formulate a scientifically based heliocentric cosmology that displaced the Earth from the center of the universe. And like Copernicus, we go beyond our boundaries on all levels of awareness to find that destiny - that final truth that stirs the soul and the imagination and makes our journey here worthwhile.

Friday 2/15- Just before going to Nashville I blogged about the Pope Benedict XVI resigning and a near-Earth asteroid - a celestial body that was to come close to Earth on a day I would be in the air. Something about that event stirred my soul - not to mention the word asteroid always takes me to Zoro-aster which means Zero Star. In astronomy, an asterism is a pattern of stars recognized on Earth's night sky.

As I boarded my flight, one thing was certain - another marker would be shown on this day. Later, when I read about the 2013 Russian meteor event, all I could think was "The pope dodged another bullet," the image of lightning striking St. Peter's Basilica after the pope announced this resignation. The Christian world would never be the same, as somewhere deep inside, followers of the Roman Catholic Church felt a shift in consciousness filled with the emotions of all souls who believe in the notion of a god creator. On Sunday, "God" spoke again as a 4.8 earthquake struck Italy at 4:42 PM. It was felt from Rome to Naples and in the neighboring region of Abruzzo. Also on Sunday, two earthquakes struck southwestern Greece, both with magnitudes of 5.0 but with different epicenters.

I read the ongoing news about the meteor, which mentioned everything from increased UFO sightings that day, ancient aliens returning, the Tunguska Event, a meteor spotted over Northern California, and the obvious metaphor of the pope sustaining a head (consciousness) injury during his trip to Mexico (2012 - Mayan Prophecy year) last March. Everyone has a theory, prophecy, and opinion. To me, it's all awakening messages for people in different grids.

My adventures in Nashville were action packed from the moment we got there, until we left on Monday afternoon. It all started at the Wildhorse Saloon where I celebrated birthdays with Brenda and Ellie and learned to line dance.

Ellie and Ellie in the lobby

Mallory and Pat

Ellie and Brenda learn to Line Dance

The birthday girls - Ellie, Brenda, Ellie

In the days that followed, we visited the Honky Tonks (my personal favorite) - more music, dancing, and singing Happy Birthday. And best of all - when I proudly announced my age, no one believed me.

Ellie and Brenda at a Honky Tonk

One of the amazing musicians in the Honky Tonks

Saturday night we went to the Grand Ole' Opry where I sat behind a man celebrating his 80th birthday. With few exceptions, the entertainers that night were old timers, like myself. When they talked about the old days, I was proud to be familiar with not only the musicians but their music.

Sunday, on my birthday, we saw Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center - standing ovations all around.

Mallory, Ellie, Brenda

Something stirred my soul after we returned to the Hutton Hotel, so I got the cards I use for my readings, the girls and I found a quiet booth to sit in the hotel restaurant - the 1808 Grill (great numbers). And there we sat, reading on many topics - personal and global - before walking back to the elevator at the end of the night. The energies continued to stir.

Waiting for us by the elevator was a really hot guy (30's) whose energies connected with mine. There was something about him. When he heard us mentioned that it was almost exact the time of my birthday (Eastern Time) 70 years ago, he couldn't believe. It was a fun chance moment in time where grids collide and recognition is made on a soul level.

Monday, as I was alone on the elevator, getting ready to leave, once again fate brought him into my life. We laughed as the elevator doors opened on his floor and he got in, that sign of recognition still there. As it turned out, 2 of the 3 elevators were now down, this one having a mind of its own, taking us to the basement (laugh), which surprised us. There we waited and talked about our lives, again feeling a connection beyond age .. just something guided by fate. As it turns out, he was in town from L.A., to work on the TV series "Nashville" as a musician and actor. A few minutes later, the elevator started again and we arrived in the lobby saying good-bye.

It was time to go home ... yet something still stirred. Pat, Mallory, and I got the taxi (minivan) ... and who should cross the treat in front of us but the same guy. It was time to freeze the action so I could give him my business card. The driver pulled over as we called out, he turned around, smiled and walked over to the taxi. Then something funny thing happened. He came over to get my card and the sliding doors next to me on the passenger side, started opening and closing as he tried to get the card. Ok ... we know life is a game and what I recognized in him was humor - that is perhaps our connection. It always draws me to people. The taxi driver got out, ran around to the door and tried to stop it from opening and closing - at last the exchange was made ... as we drove off into the sunset.

My vision of this trip was about fun, music, honky tonks, a major synchronicity, not much into sightseeing or shopping, and though I didn't think I would but anything - I bought a pair of western boots.

Broadway - Shopping, Restaurants, Honky Tonks - there was even a psychic who was closed that day.

Bicentennial Mall State Park

We took a Hop On-Off Trolley tour on Saturday and learned about the city. You could feel the elegies of the great singers who have since crossed over - all that music ... all that energy ... all that drinking ... yes Nashville is indeed a drinkin' town although I didn't drink - hate the taste of the stuff.

Sunday, Brenda, Pat, and I went back to the Bicentennial Mall State Park to experience the echo of the columns as if opening a portal to another reality. You face north .... step on something that looks like a nail in the ground in the center of the columns ... say something ... and your voice echoes throughout the circle.

After about a minute of having fun listening to my echo, and imagining that someone "up there" heard me and was going to open a portal or something cool, I looked at the sky. I know it's domed shaped, but now it looked like an actual dome that was spinning counter-clockwise (returning to zero point). Ah ... I could see how we live in a fake reality governed by the laws of physics as they exist here, but more to the point, the laws of consciousness. Did we open anything other than our minds and awareness? Ya' never know. Harmonics creates and therefore destroys at the end. It just felt like the right thing to do at the time.

I feel major events about to unfold around the world so brace for impact. Just like the meteor, the markers always come out of the blue, as will The End.