Thursday, February 7, 2013


We move to the end of another week. Yup ... Time is flying. Here in the northeast, the buzz is about the Nor'easter that arrives tomorrow adding damage to already stricken areas. One of the downsides of be an Aquarian is that the weather is generally bad on your birthday. This storm will change the date of my 70th birthday party with family on for Sunday as they all live in other states. Let's hope President's birthday weekend is better as my friends and I fly off to Nashville for 4 days.

On the matter of why the lights went out at the Superdome Sunday night - the first image I got was Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) from the TV series "Person of Interest" - a computer genius who can hack into anything. Though I often associated New Orleans with the occult and voodoo - those practices don't synch with our current reality - done. The blackout was technical - and I believe was to shut down all the lights but something went wrong.

Saturday I read a client who is an artist. As we looked out at the bridge, it became a panoramic view - a 180° semi-circle. He saw it too. Was I just observing through is consciousness? Very cool!

About Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016 - haven't we had enough politics and campaigning?! It was two long boring years with Obama and Romney and now people are out there looking for Hillary to run - at age 70. Don't people have anything better to do?