Saturday, February 23, 2013

Stormy Weather ...
and Outcomes

Irreversible climate changes are everywhere, all part of end times. The major storm that hit 20 states this week, creating death and destruction along the way, is hitting New England where my grandsons Noah and Matthew have fun skiing during winter break. How about snow in Phoenix?

Greece: Fierce storm causes blackouts, road havoc   AP - February 23, 2013
Torrential rainfall in Greece's capital Friday crippled traffic, inundated basements and streets, and was blamed for the death of woman whose car was trapped in floodwater, authorities said.

Also in Europe ... nothing is going to create a bigger storm than the Roman Catholic church. It's time for the truth boys ...

Vatican blasts 'false' pre-conclave reporting   AP - February 23, 2013

The Vatican lashed out Saturday at the media for what it said has been a run of defamatory and false reports before the conclave to elect Pope Benedict XVI's successor, saying they were an attempt to influence the election. Italian newspapers have been rife with unsourced reports in recent days about the contents of a secret dossier prepared for the pope by three cardinals who investigated the origins of the 2012 scandal over leaked Vatican documents.